Thank YOU ~ A Giveaway and Black Friday Deals

Ambience Graditude

As we come to the close of my first season photographing families and faces other than my own children's, or should I say, in addition to my own children's, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  Thank you for all the support as I took a big ol' leap to try a new thing.  Thank you for trusting me take your family photos this season.  And thank you for your encouraging words along the way.  You've helped me to keep the butterflies at bay. (And yes, there are definitely butterflies … [Read more...]

Tips for Staying Warm this Winter – Plainfield, IL Family and Children Photographer


In case you've been huddled up inside under a blanket for the entirety of the month of November, it's C-O-L-D cold outside.  Sweet Mother Nature seems to be a bit confused as she has skipped right over fall after her short but sweet summer.  It's January cold out there, and we're not even to actual winter according to the calendar. So - with a little help from some super sweet faces - I've compiled a few tips for staying warm in this season of sometimes bitter cold.  ;) Tip #1:  A Proper … [Read more...]

Introducing HLP Gift Cards for the Holidays!!!


Wondering what you might find under the Christmas tree for you this year?  Maybe you are looking for that perfect, unique and timeless gift for your spouse or your parents.  Well, no worries, friends.  I've got you covered. This year, why not think outside the box and inside the envelope.  (See what I did there?)  Because for the holiday season, Holli Long Photography is offering a *limited* number of GIFT CARDS for 2015 Full Family and Generations sessions!   In other words, purchase … [Read more...]

Gratitude in Black and White

Helping Hands

This week, I participated in a Black & White Photo Challenge on social media.  Actually, I sort of combined it with the popular November "30 Days of Gratitude" Challenge  because I thought for sure I could stay with it for 5 of the 30 days.  (Here is me setting the commitment bar high, I know.)  Honestly, though, I've loved this mini project so much that I almost wish I did take on the whole month.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to go back through some images from this year (as well as … [Read more...]

Location Scouts – Project 365 {Sort Of}


Well, I had {and still have} grand intentions of completing a Project 365 this year.  And I was cruising right along in July and August.  But then along came September {oops} and now it's almost the end of October, and well...I'm falling a little a lot behind.  However, I'm falling behind thanks in large part to the fact that I've been busy taking pictures of some of the most beautiful people other than my own two children.  {This is a VERY good thing.}  They say October for photographers is … [Read more...]

Fall Highlights


Now that all of the galleries from our weekend Fall Mini Sessions have been finished up and sent off to their beautiful owners, I thought I would share just a few of my favorites.  Despite some pretty chilly weather and clouds (that actually ended up being great for some nice, even natural light), I got to look through my lens at the most warm faces and loving families all day.  Doesn't get much better that that! To see a few more peeks at our … [Read more...]

The Kid in Us All


I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday with four lovely families for our Fall Mini Sessions.  Despite some chilly weather, the scenery was beautiful...only to be outdone by these gorgeous families. After a quick shoot in the autumnal wildflower fields, we had just enough time to play in the leaves. After all, what good is a fall day at the park if you can't play just a little. And the best part is it wasn't just the kids having fun. One of … [Read more...]

Golden Girl…and Boy


So, what do you get when you take a little October sunset and add a sweet, warm and not-to-mention gorgeous family?  Well, this... Can you believe those beautiful eyes?  No fancy Photoshop tricks there.  Those are just what we would call, good genes. See what I mean? {This is the part where I say, "Just watch your kids playing over there for a minute."  This is sure to bring out the smiles from mom and dad...and sometimes looks of panic.  ;)  But we got some easy smiles … [Read more...]

CROP Hunger Walk and Community


Yup.  My heart is pretty full today because some of my dearest friends and favorite little "World Changers" are up over on Glennon Melton's blog Momastery.  So beyond humbled to be able to share a little reflection with Glennon - who just happens to be one of my favorite authors, my personal cheerleader, and a HUGE source of inspiration to me {and I know to so many of you} to find and be and share the good in the world. Take a look?   {-----> We All Finish Together} And of course, a few … [Read more...]

The Sound of their Laughter


I'm sure I've already forgotten what they're laughing about here.  {Some classic three-year-old potty humor of some sort I imagine.}  But that's not important, really. I just want to remember the sound of their laughter here a minute. Breathe it in a bit.  Because it's good. Three is hard...both being three and parenting three.  There is no instruction manual for either I'm afraid. But this, This is good. And so just pausing a moment.  To look.  And to listen... … [Read more...]