Golden Girl…and Boy


So, what do you get when you take a little October sunset and add a sweet, warm and not-to-mention gorgeous family?  Well, this... Can you believe those beautiful eyes?  No fancy Photoshop tricks there.  Those are just what we would call, good genes. See what I mean? {This is the part where I say, "Just watch your kids playing over there for a minute."  This is sure to bring out the smiles from mom and dad...and sometimes looks of panic.  ;)  But we got some easy smiles … [Read more...]

CROP Hunger Walk and Community


Yup.  My heart is pretty full today because some of my dearest friends and favorite little "World Changers" are up over on Glennon Melton's blog Momastery.  So beyond humbled to be able to share a little reflection with Glennon - who just happens to be one of my favorite authors, my personal cheerleader, and a HUGE source of inspiration to me {and I know to so many of you} to find and be and share the good in the world. Take a look?   {-----> We All Finish Together} And of course, a few … [Read more...]

The Sound of their Laughter


I'm sure I've already forgotten what they're laughing about here.  {Some classic three-year-old potty humor of some sort I imagine.}  But that's not important, really. I just want to remember the sound of their laughter here a minute. Breathe it in a bit.  Because it's good. Three is hard...both being three and parenting three.  There is no instruction manual for either I'm afraid. But this, This is good. And so just pausing a moment.  To look.  And to listen... … [Read more...]

A Few of their Favorite Things – {Family and Children Photographer, Plainfield, IL}


While I love pictures of my children (as evidenced by the thousands I have on my hard drive and growing number I'm finally putting up on my walls), I also love pictures of what they love. For these boys, tractors are on par with Super Heroes.  A trip to the farm is like a day at Disney.  Digging in the dirt is where it's at, clearly. I brought these toys along as bribery material (ehem...I mean, not that I ever bribe my kids) when we went out to do our own family photos a … [Read more...]

In the Orchard…


Red.  Delicious. Took the boys out for their first trip to the Apple Orchard tonight. And I'm not sure why we haven't done it before, but we'll surely be doing it again. One can hope we've started a new family tradition here in the orchard. Dad is a good sport.  He totally gets bopped in the head riiiiight after that last shot there.  Did you see it coming? The apple is always redder.  Especially when it's in your brother's bag. This place was … [Read more...]

What Awaits – Plainfield, IL Maternity Photographer


Oh, this family.  I'm not even sure where to begin, other than to say I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture a few moments for them before their sweet threesome becomes a quartet. I know, it's hard waking up from a nap and getting your hair all fancy.  {Not that I have two of my own about this age, and not that they ever give me this same look after naptime.} Op, now there's that smile. {Pssst...and don't worry, Buddy.  You'll be great in your new … [Read more...]

Saturday in Chicago – And a “Mini” Twin First


Sometimes I struggle with whether to grab my camera or to just enjoy the mental pictures and try to commit those to memory instead.  But lately the evenings have been so lovely and I just ache to follow the gorgeous light.  It just seems to saturate everything these days, and I couldn't by more grateful.  When I don't have my camera, I find myself suppressing the overwhelming urge to reach for the empty space where it usually hangs around my neck.  I'm not sure if my kids don't even see it … [Read more...]

Project 365 – Farewell August

8.2 Charlie Run

Summer may be winding down according to the calendar, but we've still had lots of warm days here in the Midwest.  Thank goodness, because my two are loving every minute of life outdoors. Not sure what we'll all do once winter comes, but I think he has a few ideas. Finally, I usually focus on the little fellas for my Project 365 pics, but I have to share at least one of my other favorite fella.  It'll be 10 years this week.  Handsome, … [Read more...]

Where We Can More Clearly See – Summer Blessings


I think we might all agree that this summer has been particularly lovely.  Though we've had relatively cool temperatures, the days have still been warm enough for us to enjoy the finer things of the season. Such as… A delicious meal on the patio. (And yes, we definitely consider the occasional hot dog off the grill a delicious meal.) The finest offerings from our gardens. Or a dip in the pool, a day on the boat…or even a cool down at the local “water park.” (Fancy … [Read more...]

Summer Blues


Beginning to feel blue that summer is winding down?  No need. There is still plenty of sun and warmth ahead. While so many of us love fall photo shoots, myself included, late summer sessions are also lovely.  I have been loving the way the color blue just pops against all the green this time of year.  If you are thinking about updating your family photos this year, it might not be a bad idea to take advantage of the warmth and the kids' back-to-school haircuts and those lingering … [Read more...]