Project 356 – January, Week III


As I look over my Project 365 and as I think about continuing the project into this year, I hope to find a style emerging.  I don't think I'm there yet, and I imagine it could take some time.  I'm currently taking a great editing course over at CMU and learning so much...and though sometimes I feel like the more I learn, the more I have to learn, I'm trying to keep from being overwhelmed.  It's only January after all, so here's to the goal of finding my personal style in 2015. (1.15.2015) - … [Read more...]

Let it Snow – {Plainfield, IL Family & Children Photographer}


Winters here in the Midwest can be pretty intense.  And cold.  (Cold, really, is an understatement.)  Still, in addition to the frequent opportunities to snuggle up with a warm blanket and a roaring fire, there are a few other perks to winters in Chicago. Such as the beautiful canvas of the season...snow. Thanks to an early dusting before the holidays, this fine-looking and fun group of siblings and I got a chance to get out and play. Now booking a limited number of … [Read more...]

Project 365 – January, II


Winter is here, and thus, we've been spending a lot of time indoors.  However, since the thermometer did spend more time than not above zero this week, we could not be completely contained. Week II of a Project 365... (1.8.2015) Silent Observer (1.9.2015) Superhero Creator (1.10.2015) Saturday Morning Anticipation (1.11.2015) Snow Play before Dark (1.12.2015) Bundled  {See more from our quickie snow session here.} (1.13.2015) New … [Read more...]

Backyard Tundra


Since the sun finally came out and the snow was still so pretty from last night, we just had to sneak in a quickie snow shoot after school today.  And by "quickie snow shoot," I mean we put on our shirts and vests and tromped out behind the fence for about 10 minutes.  Or, you know, until one of the 4-year-olds accidentally plopped down in the snow sans gloves and we were officially D.O.N.E. Styling credits to an awesome sister-in-law who can be our personal shopper any time. ;) … [Read more...]

Project 365 – January 2015, I


Here we go with Week I of Project 365 - 2015 Edition.  And yes, I missed a day or two, and I've included more than one on a day or two.  But this is probably as close as I will come to one-a-day. (1.1.2015) New Year Selfie (1.2.2015) Superhero Dad (1.4.2015) First Snow, Little Helper (1.5.2015) Dad's Barber Shop, "Hold Still" (1.6.2015) Sunrise in Suburbia  (1.7.2015) Comfort … [Read more...]

Selfie Photobombers


With the New Year today, I begin a renewed effort at a Project 365 and Day 1 of my second year of the learning community, Shoot 2015.  Our assignment today was to introduce ourselves and to take a "selfie."  I'm not very good at selfies...neither with my phone nor with my camera.  So, I employed the help of my tripod and my husband.  While I'm still working on my final self portrait (as well as a new headshot for my website/FB page), I wanted to share a few shots from two little photobombers … [Read more...]

Project 365 – December 2014


December is a pretty hopping month around here - with Christmas and the end of the school semester and 3/4ths of the household celebrating birthdays - but we did manage a few images for our Project 365.  Here are a few December favorites...and one birthday selfie. The December birthday crew.  Photo credits to Nana. ;) And finally, I have to share a HUGE personal accomplishment.  My little problem of keeping my images only on my computer … [Read more...]

Zoo Lights and Dark Shots


Lugged the old Rebel along last night for our trip to the zoo to see the Holiday Magic lights.  After a near catastrophe on a recent family outing, (aka...dropping my good camera at the aquarium) I made a new rule that I am only allowed to bring the "old" camera along on family stuff.  Side note: The good camera, thankfully and miraculously, came away unscathed.  Still, I hope I've learned my lesson. I still debate every time though, especially last night.  I knew it would be dark.  And I … [Read more...]

7 Simple Tips for Great Christmas Tree Pictures

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Ever wondered how to get those great Christmas tree photos with the soft, glowing lights?  Or, maybe you've wondered how come so many of your Christmas images end up with your subject blurry but not the lights?  While getting the {technically} perfect Christmas tree light shot can be tricky, there are some simple tips to help achieve that holiday magic in an image. 1.  Pull your subject away from the tree.  This can be tricky inside, but in order to get those pretty, twinkly lights behind … [Read more...]

O’ Christmas Tree


About a month ago, I brought a dear friend of mine and her beautiful family out to a local tree farm to test it out for a future holiday shoot location.  As you can see, they were such lovely models.  These girls are the sweetest, and mom gets an A+ for styling and wardrobe. Next year, I would like to just edit this first picture slightly...and insert my own family.  ;)  Actually, I love these folks so much that I may just keep them on my mantel for the year and call it … [Read more...]