New Deck

We've moved this past month, to the forever home.  Inside everything is still in boxes and under construction and all over.  But outside everything is good.  So good, even on a chilly enough February afternoon. … [Read more...]

Four Seasons of Four – Plainfield, IL Family and Child Photographer

My babies turned five this month.  Five.  Yes, in some ways it happened in a blink.  But in others it was a whirlwind - an exhausting daily "adventure" where I found myself wondering when will they would sleep through the night or be done with those blasted diapers or for the love...say goodbye those often terrible twos threes.  Now, I have new wonders.  I wonder how they will fare in Kindergarten.  I wonder if their budding passions for music and "how things work" will blossom in the years to … [Read more...]

Starting a Photography Business? 8 First Investments – Plainfield, IL Family Photographer

Some time last summer I was bit by the photography bug and became all consumed with the dream to start my own business.  Technically the 'love of photography bug' bit long ago.  But the desire and the spark to make it a career came last summer.  It was part true inspiration and part necessity.  Twins with preschool tuition.  Rising cost of living.  A desire to maybe, someday go on that family vacation to see the Mouse before the boys are, I don't know, twenty. I remember naively telling a … [Read more...]

CROP Hunger Walk 2015 – Many Faces, One Goal

This year, my family and I participated in our third CROP Hunger Walk.  Well, for three of us, it was our third.  For my husband, more like his 10th or 12th or so as he grew up walking with his family.  It was the second year my kids walked more than they rode, and the first year for our pup.  He was one of three dogs, actually.  This was also the first year that I had a role beyond just "walker" or "stroller pusher."  Because, this year, for the first time I was also part of the planning … [Read more...]

Backyard Superhero Shenanigans

Anything you can do, I can do better.   I can do anything, better than you. No you can't.   Yes I can.  ;) Oh, what will we do when the chill comes to stay.  I fear my couches may not survive another winter with twin Superheroes cooped up in the house for six long months.   … [Read more...]

10 Favorite Toys from Ages 2 to 5

In the blink of an eye, my twin boys will be 5 this year right before Christmas.  Yes, in our family, December is a hoppin' time.  With 3 of 4 of the family celebrating birthdays AND the excitement of the Christmas season, there is hardly a dull moment.  I'm pretty sure my kiddos are already counting down the days, which means I had better start thinking about my yearly conversation with Santa.  ;)  This year, my kids are likely to have their own input and wishlists, but in previous years, mom … [Read more...]

To dear Ann Arbor Town…

How does the old song go again? I want to go back to Michigan, To dear Ann Arbor town, I want to go back; I got to go back, To Michigan. … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

We've had this kite hanging in our garage for awhile now.   But we finally found a day to give the thing a proper taste of freedom.  After a morning dedicated to coloring it just like the real Spidey, Dad and the boys (and mom and her camera) took it down to the park and some wide open space to fly it high in the sky.  What a perfect way to say goodbye to summer... You can find one of our kite flyin' pictures over on the Daddy Doin' Work instagram feed today.  Daddy Doin' Work is … [Read more...]

Boys of Summer

"You did not hear them coming.  You hardly heard them go. The grass bent down, sprang up again.  They passed like cloud shadows downhill... The boys of summer, running." - Ray Bradbury I'm reading savoring a bit of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine this summer for the first time in a long time.  I'm not quite sure when I first happened upon the book.  I loved Bradbury's Sci-Fi stuff in high school.  He was one of the few authors I would read for pleasure in those days.  I probably picked … [Read more...]

Stayin’ Cool

So hot the lens fogged up yesterday.  But we found a way to stay cool. Here's to the almighty sprinkler; that summertime staple which has cooled generations of happy little feet.   … [Read more...]