Banana Wraps

I have recently jumped completely onto the Pinterest bandwagon and have found oh-so-many wonderful things.  (Including a HUGE time drain of what little free time I do have these days.)  Anyway, these banana wraps are a huge hit with my boys!
 Just three simple ingredients, most of which are staples in our house:  whole wheat wraps, peanut butter*, and a banana.  (*We use Sunbutter as one of my boys has skin-tested positive for a tree nut allergy, so we are currently a nut free house.)

Just spread, roll, slice and serve!  Shown here with another favorite, Apple Straws.

Finger-lickin’ good!


Testing out his whistle noises blowing through an Apple Straw.

Squishy bananas + sticky peanut butter = sensory magic for little fingers. :)
Banana Wraps
1 Whole Wheat Wrap
1-2 Tbs Peanut Butter (or Soy Butter or Sunbutter)
1 Banana

Spread peanut butter thinly over entire wrap.  Place peeled banana toward one side and roll.  Use a sharp, serrated knife to cut into slices.  Enjoy!
Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Toddler Rating: 2 Clean Plates!!

Mess Factor: Low

Serving Suggestion: Complete the meal with cheese slices and crackers such as Apple Straws.  (We also love Veggie Straws!)

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Source:  Weelicious via Pinterest


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