Chip Drop

I always love finding toddler activities that require no shopping.  This great activity from is not only super cheap (aka…probably free), but also reuses some of those many “puff” containers you no-doubt have somewhere in your house.  How much better can you get than that? 
The only supplies needed are a plastic cylindrical container (two if your kids come in pairs), a Ziploc bag, and some type of chips.  We used poker chips.

Lots of colors to choose…
Cut a hole in the lid just larger than the chips you will use.  This chore gave my husband something to do while watching Webgems one evening…as if he needed something else to do during his 5 free minutes that night, but he was a good sport. 

Give ’em a quick demo, and let ’em go!

Let me get this straight, this goes in there?
For even more fun, it’s an instant shaker!

Little Brother’s turn. 
(Ok, so he’s only 1 minute younger, but he’s 3 lbs lighter, so…we call him “little.”)


Mine…All Mine!

Ahhh…do you hear that?  That is the sound of happy, entertained boys not fussing at mom’s feet while she tries frantically to get lunch on the table.  Score one point for mom today!

(Recommended Age: 16-18+ Months)

Of course, this activity needs to be supervised.  I had to “remind” both boys a number of times that the chips are “not for mouth, Honey, not for mouth.”

Source: via Pinterest

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