PB & J Quesadillas

Here is a quick and easy lunch that was gobbled up by my boys.  I call these PB & J Quesadillas.

(Except at our house they are really “SB & J’s” or Sunbutter and Jelly Quesadillas since we are nut free around here for now.)

To make the quesadillas, I just spread the Sunbutter (or PB) and a reeeeaaally thin layer of jelly on a tortilla, fold it in half, and cut it up with a pizza cutter (which, has so many uses beyond slicing pizza).

The reeeeaaally thin jelly is essential unless you don’t mind cleaning up all the sticky, ozziness that will definitely squish out of the sides as your little one(s) play with, I mean, eat them.

But, let’s be real, we’re going to be cleaning them up anyway, so what’s the harm?
You may find they are more appealing ripped up in pieces (like Big Brother here who would only eat them this way) or left as wedges (like Little Brother who nearly threw a tantrum when I tried to rip them up).  Oh…to understand the mind of a toddler. 😉“Mo” please, Mom?

PB & J Quesadillas

1 Whole Wheat Tortilla
1 TBS Peanut Butter or SunButter (Sunflower Seed Spread)
1 tsp Low Sugar Fruit Spread Spread PB and fruit spread evenly onto the tortilla.  Fold in half and slice into wedges.  Serve!

Prep Time:  5 Minutes

Toddler Rating:  2 Clean Plates!!

Mess Factor: Medium (especially if jelly is applied too liberally…do so at your own risk!)

Serving Suggestion:  Complete the meal with cheese slices and fruit.  It may help to rip the quesadillas into pieces…or not. 😉


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