Letter of the Day

Shortly after the boys turned 1-year-old, we started a simple “Letter of the Day” routine each morning.  I guess you could really start this anytime, and probably much sooner than I did.  It can easily be simplifed or expanded depending upon the age and readiness of your little one(s).  Actually, it would be great for mixed-age kids as well, as it lends itself so nicely to differentiation (aka…teacher speak for “modification to different levels.”) 

Every morning (ok, honesty check…most mornings) during breakfast I write a letter of the alphabet on a dry-erase board.  We…mostly I at this point…talk about the letter and make its sound.  I have a simple set of flashcards with images of things starting with that letter, and the boys like to look at them.  Little Brother will often repeat the letter sound and is starting to name some of the objects on the cards, while Big Brother just watches and soaks it in…usually chiming in with an “Eh!  Eh!” and indicating he’d like to hold the card with his pudgy little yogurt caked fingers. :)

Some days we add things around the room that start with that letter.
(Did you ever realize how many “B” words there are in a toddler’s world?)

Other days it’s just the cards…usually depending on whether I’ve had my coffee or not that morning.  Apparently this was not my most stellar morning as my dry erase board even has little apples right at the top, I could have at least added an A-pple!  But, hey, at least the table is clean.

The board and cards usually just sit right there on the table all day.  Sometimes we talk about it again at lunch…and sometimes we don’t because I am instead hiding around the corner for 30 seconds and scarfing down a bit of a sandwhich without two little moochers oh-so-sweetly begging for mom’s lunch, too. 

You thought you were the only one?

Oh, and yes, those are monkey feet you see hanging from the ceiling…but I can explain.

This monkey is encouraging Big Brother to make animal sounds…aka, “Oooh, oooh, ahhh, ahhh.”  We are trying to get him to start talking a little more, and I’ve read that animal sounds are a good place to start.  So, he is hanging out on the light fixture this week.  Doesn’t everyone have a monkey just hanging out over their dining room table?
(Suggested Age:  12+ Months…or younger!)
Note:  This activity works out well logistically to do once a month.  With 26 letters in the alphabet, there are a few “Oooooh, shoot!” days built in each month.

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