Some of the biggest questions my husband and I had before the boys were born were regarding strollers; double-wide vs double-deep, one double or two separate (or both), which brand(s), and how much is it going to cost to wheel these boys around town???  Now, it is one of the questions we get asked the most by twin-parents-to-be. (Being in a local twins club with over 100 members, you tend to get that question more than you might expect.)
Anyway, here is what works for us.  All…5 of them.

I know, I know, 5 strollers????
But, wait. Before your pocketbook starts smoking, we only purchased 1 of them ourselves (well, really 2, but one was from craigslist and a great deal, so we’ll compromise and say we only purchased 1.5).  
That comes out to less than 1 stroller per kid, so not bad. 
Here’s how we did it and what we currently have in our arsenal.

1.  The “Twin Toter Essential” – The Double-Snap-n-Go

The majority of twin parents I know have used this stroller frame for the first 6-12 months.  It is designed so that you can just simply “snap” in both car seats and “go” on your merry way.  It is lightweight and folds up nicely to fit in your car (or SUV…or minivan more likely).  You may feel like you need a CDL license to operate your new semi-truck, but it does maneuver pretty well and gets the job done.  But, this will only last you as long as you can haul both kiddos around in their car seats, or as long as they are content riding around semi-reclined.  So, you will need at least one other, or…four.
Retail: $90.00, Our Cost: $0 – Borrowed
(Find a local Twins Club and beg, borrow, or get one cheap if they have a resales.  My club has two sales every year, and they are always lined up 10-20 deep on the sales floor.  Save yourself some money and keep one out of a landfill…double bonus points!)

2 & 3.  The “We are Individuals” Strollers – Combi Cosmo

We use these strollers for family outings, especially when grandparents or aunts and uncles are in town.  It is nice to have two smaller strollers for a trip to the zoo or at a parade (where the boys can have their space and not steal eachother’s pacifiers or stick their fingers in eachother’s ear).  My husband likes them because, after a little bit of practice, he can fold them up in one sweeping motion in 3 seconds flat.  I think it makes him feel like he is on the Twin Daddy Pit Crew or something manly like that.  They also swing over the sholder like a golf bag and two will fit pretty well in the car (or SUV…right, right, or minivan). 

Retail: $130.00, Our Cost: $0 – Shower Gifts
(We were lucky and had our twins first…aka, we got to have a shower!  But, I think, even if you already have kids, and then you find out you are having twins, you are surely entitled to another shower.)

4.  The “All Terrain” Stroller – Schwinn Jogging Stroller

This is my daily walk-around-the-neighborhood-with-both-boys-and-the-family-dog stroller.  It is great on sidewalks, grass, and gravel and goes easily up and over curbs.  I can push it with one hand if necessary and it turns really well.  My husband also takes the boys out for a run with this stroller, but I personally have not tested its “jogging” capabilities.  He has no complaints, though.  Although it does fold down and fit in the back of our SUV (we don’t yet have a minivan…but I feel that our day is coming), we don’t typically take this stroller out on the town as it is a bit bulky.  

Retail: $250+, Our Cost: $100 – Bought used on Craigslist
(We probably could have gotten it for even less, but I am a terrible negotiator, so I didn’t even try.)

5.  The “Day-to-Day” Tandem – Delta Double Umbrella Stroller

Currently, this stroller lives in the back of my Escape.  It goes pretty much everywhere with us, and it’s great.  It is lightweight, folds easily, and seems to be holding up well given how much we use it.  I have been able to fit through doors everywhere we go, though sometimes it takes me a few tries to line it up just right.  As I mentioned, it fits easiy in my SUV and will no doubt fit in your car minivan, too.  😉

 Retail: $90.00, Our Cost: $90.00 – Bought New on Amazon

(Yes, we bought this one new and at full price.  But, we will likely be able to sell it in another few years, so that will knock the cost of ownership down a bit.)

So, if you’re keeping track, that is a grand total of $190 out-of-pocket for about $700.00 worth of stroller.  Do I sometimes have a bit of stroller envy that I’m not pushing around one of those flashy Maclarens or BOB Joggers?  I don’t know, maybe once in awhile.  But, then I remember that I still have about $500 more dollars in my pocket, and think, “Why, what a lovely stroller (or 5) I have.”
What strollers have worked for you?


  1. Just found your blog after seeing your summer bucket list pinned on Pinterst. I’m glad I am not the only one that has gone through so many strollers! I don’t have twins, but since my girls are 2 years and 2 weeks apart, I’ve also bought a total of five strollers (single travel system, single umbrella stroller, double deep travel system, sit ‘n stand, and finally a double umbrella stroller) We live in Brazil where strollers are not that common, so my kids now walk everywhere. The almost five year old has for a while anyway, but I bought the double umbrella stroller to use at the airport. After 22 hours a travel, there is no way I’m carrying a 35 lb five year old who is too exhausted to walk!

    • It’s amazing how you really need a different stroller for so many different situations. I can’t imagine not using one like you mentioned in Brazil. My two are always running in opposite directions, so sometimes taking them somewhere (anywhere) in the stroller is almost a break. And, yes, I imagine the stroller in the airport is an absolute must! We are taking one on our first flying trip next month. Thanks for visiting!

  2. We have two sets of strollers, but I never use one of them. I would have loved to have the Double Snap n Go for when our twins were infants. I found it later on and was like MAN! Our stroller we use most is the one you talked about in #5. I’m like you in that I keep our tandem Jeep stroller in our SUV at ALL times. It just makes life so much easier and I feel like I can go into any store or event with out a lot of fuss. It is super light and easy to fold up. You made laugh a little because when you said that “it will fit through any door, though sometimes with a few tries” I know exactly what you’re talking about! I usually have to back up and line up once to get through a door. :) I thought your post was a great for parents needing a little info on strollers for their multiples!

    • Yes, that Snap-n-go was great in the beginning! I don’t know what we would have done without it. But yes, now #5 is our go to. I actually recently ran over it in the garage with my SUV and nearly cried…but it is still in good shape, thank goodness! Thanks for visiting and good luck navigating those doors. :)

  3. I think we currently have five strollers in our garage too. We have a double snap and go (wish we had had 2 of those when our quadruplets were born!), a singleton stroller, two matching everyday double strollers, and then one of those decided it didn’t really want to participate in quad life, so we bought a used replacement through our multiples group. Wow! I didn’t realize we had so many until I saw your list! :)

    Oh, and I found you through the Multiples and More link up today! :)

  4. I have actually been thinking about getting the Delta. I’m so glad you linked up with us today!

  5. Wow! This was great to read… I’m going to have to bookmark it to show my hubs… We have been having the great stroller debate!! :)

    • Good luck with the debate! There are so many out there, it can be overwhelming for sure. Hope you find one (or a few) that you are happy with. Thanks for visiting!

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