Jam Session!

On Saturday mornings, we load up the boys and head to music class.  We have been taking Music Together classes since the boys were about 8 months, and we love, love, love it!  During class, there is always a “Jam Session” song where the instructor dumps a huge bucket of instruments in the middle of the circle.  And, let me tell you, those instruments are pretty much like catnip. The little ones crawl, toddle, or scoot their way to their favorite music maker and in no time are jamming to the beat (or chewing on a drum stick).   

We love it so much, that we sometimes have our own little Jam Session at home.

Tonight we just turned on the TV to one of those super-duper-high music channels – “Musica Tropicales” was the flavor of the night – and found something to which we could shake our maracas…

And our rattles…

And our cymbals. (Maybe he’s taking after mom and dad and practicing for the marching band here.)

And then we decided it was also really super fun to climb the couch…
And just “bop” to the rhythm (Little Brother here mid-bounce).
Also makes great practice cleaning up when finished.  We are just starting to work on classifying and sorting out the instruments from the other toys.
Our instrument bucket – complete with a couple homemade shakers (plastic containers filled with rice and dry pasta), Melissa and Doug Band-in-a-Box instruments, Hohner 5 Piece Toddler Music Band, and a Leap Frog Learn and Groove Drum – to name a few of our favorites.
Suggested Age:  6+ Months with supervision.  Boys pictured here at 16 Months with a few of the instruments selectively removed for the time being – particularly the triangle and any other potential impaling objects. 😉

Check out  your music channels if you haven’t already.  We have lots on just a basic cable plan.  I recently discovered there is even a “Toddler Time” song channel…how great is that?



  1. I have two little guys also! Don’t you love being a mommy to boys! :) It’s such an adventure everyday! Your little guys are just precious! :) I’d love for you to join my Saturday Show & Tell; I know my readers will love your ideas too! Have a great weekend! :)

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