Cloth Diapers – The Supply

In an effort to be a little green (and to save a lot of green), we are mostly using cloth diapers with the boys.  While pregnant and initially researching cloth, I was overwhelmed by the options.  Like most baby items, there are SO many choices.  I remember just wishing I could go to someone’s house and see what they had in their supply.  So, now that we have a fairly good system going for us, I decided I’d do just that.  We’ll, okay, I’m not going to invite you into my house, but I’ll give you a peek at what we use.

Day Time Diapers – Inserts + Covers

The Inserts

During the day, we use prefolds inserts with plastic covers.  I chose the prefolds because they are relatively cheap in terms of cloth, and I thought if the whole diaper thing is a bust, at least we can use them as burp cloths.  But, I’m happy to say, I have not been disappointed with them nearly 18 months later.   
These diapers are usually sold in bulk, typically by the dozen.  Initially, they will not be soft and absorbent, but after a few washes, they will be perfect for your kiddo’s little bum.  We used ours for burp cloths at first and washed them about 5 or 6 times before upgrading (or downgrading I guess it would be) them to diapers.  In order to use them as diapers, they simply need to be folded and placed inside a cover liner (see picture below in post).  
The Covers

We are currently using two types of covers; gDiapers and Bummis Whisper Wraps.

I have had great success (meaning, minimal blow-outs) with both of these brands.  The gDiaper wraps have a removable plastic holder for the cloth insert which snaps into the outer cloth cover.  

And, most importantly, they are super cute, if I do say so myself, on my little guys’ tooshies. 😉  
The Bummis Whipser Wraps are a one piece plastic cover.  You simply lay the folded insert on top and strap ’em on your kiddo.  Easy as can be.  They come in fun prints, and I secretly love when they hang out above the waistband of their little pants.  

Just be sure to lay them on top like this…

…and not like this.  Once I figured out not to tuck them in (even though it says so on the package directions), our pants were much drier. :)
Oh!  And, what, you might ask, is that dryer sheet looking thing in the pictures?  So glad you asked, because it is a poo liner and it is a life saver!  Ok, maybe not a life saver, but surely a laundry saver as it keeps the poo contained in a nice, flush-able little liner.  But, more about that in a future post.

Night Time Diapers – BumGenius (Double Stuffed!)
Many cloth diaper-ers I know use disposable at night due to the sheer volume of “stuff” – shall we say – that they will need to hold.  However, we have been able to keep the boys in cloth pretty successfully by using BumGenius AIO (all-in-one) diapers with an extra insert.  Even better, this extra insert is not something you will need to buy because each diaper comes with two – a newborn insert and a larger one for bigger babies.  Since we use them at night, we just stuff both inserts into the pocket.  And, since the sizing is adjustable, we’ve been able to use the same diapers for almost a year-and-a-half and they are still in great shape!

Here’s a quick look at what they look like stuffed and un-stuffed.  You can see that the diaper pictured is on the medium size setting with the snaps.  (There are three snap settings that fit from 8-35 lbs.)

While we may be a little extra fluffy in the toosh, we have no problems fitting into our jammies!

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