My "Yes" Cabinet

Ever notice that about the time our kids become mobile, we (the parents) adopt “no” as our new favorite word?  This is likely because we are trying desperately to keep them from impaling their eye with a kitchen knife, ingesting some harmless looking bleach, or opening up and crawling into the oven just to get a better look.  Yes, okay, so perhaps it is with good reason that we sound like a broken record of “no, no, honey, no, no…honey, no, no.”  And I am surely guilty of this, as evidenced by Little Brother’s ability to point out the “no-a-doughs” (electrical outlets as he called them) in the house before he could walk.  So, in an effort to incorporate the word “yes” in to my vocabulary a little more frequently, I heeded the advice of my own mother and gave the boys their own cabinet.  

This is the one cabinet in the house without a childproof latch.  It is filled completely with items deemed non-threatening.

The pros are 1) it lets the kids explore and 2) it can buy some precious minutes of food prep time for parents.

The cons are 1) your kitchen may frequently have random containers strewn about and 2) you might need to wash the drool remnants from tomorrow’s lunch container on a regular basis.  

We now have a “don’t use anything from that cabinet before washing…or at least rinsing…rule” at our house…a small price to pay, though, for a little more “Yes! Honey,” explore to your little heart’s content. 😉
Suggested Age:  9-12+ Months* (Pictured here at 16 months)

*As always, please use your own discretion as to when this would be appropriate.



  1. What a great idea! I really need to do this with my little guy. He would LOVE this!

  2. Such a neat idea! We are in the process of baby proofing right now and I think that we will leave a “yes” cabinet!

  3. I like this idea! I am definitely guilty of mostly having “no” cabinets…

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