Chicken Muffin Melts

Lately, I’m a big fan of Van’s frozen food.  This is partly because they offer some egg-free breakfast products (waffles, french toast sticks, etc.) which are great for my egg-allergic son, but also because they use many types of whole grains.  I feel like I score double bonus points when I find something with whole grains and multiple grains other than wheat.  I have nothing against wheat, but find that I get in a rut with eating wheat all the time.  (FYI, Van’s does offer some gluten-free items if you are looking.)  The ingredient list (boldly displayed on the back of the box) for these English Muffins make me feel like I am giving my kids something good…and yummy.

For this quick toddler lunch, I make use of pre-cooked chicken.  You can find canned chicken at most grocery stores, just watch the sodium content.  You can also just throw a few chicken breasts or thighs in the crock pot overnight with some water and a bit of seasoning, and when you wake up, you have flavorful and shred-able chicken for the week.  (Warning, the smell emanating throughout the house at night may cause strange dreams where you find yourself randomly and inexplicably eating chicken dishes.)    
I like to serve this with grapes – sort of a deconstructed chicken salad.  You can also spiff up the chicken by dressing it with a bit of mayo, sour cream, or even plain Greek yogurt (which works with my kiddos).
Chicken Muffin Melts

1 Whole Wheat English Muffin
1/2 c Shredded and Fully Cooked Chicken
2 slices Cheddar (or your favorite) Cheese
1 TBS Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt (Optional)
Toast English Muffin using toaster oven.  In a small dish, coat chicken in dressing if desired.  Add to open-faced muffins and top each with a slice of cheese.  Warm in oven or microwave until cheese is melted.  Let cool and cut into slices or squares, or whatever shape your toddler prefers that day. :)  Makes two melts.

Prep Time:  5 Minutes
Toddler Rating:  Two 1/2 Empty Plates*
Mess Factor: Low

Serving Suggestion:  Serve with sliced grapes, apples, dried cranberries, or any other fruit that would be yummy in chicken salad.
*I have found that my boys will sometimes eat a given meal only after the second, third, or tenth offering.  The first time I tried this, it was only a luke-warm reception.  However, the second time, Little Brother ate it right up, and I’m determined that Big Brother will eventually follow suit.  I try not to force any meals, but I think they need a few (or so) exposures before they truly decide if they like something.  
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