Family Flip Book

This month, the boys’ favorite “book” has been our new “My Family” flip book.  One of my friends in our play group had made one of these, and I noticed Little Brother, in particular, was pretty fond of looking at the “pich-ers.”  The boys were also just starting to associate names with people, so I thought it might be a good idea to make one of our own.

You can probably find a suitable photo album just about anywhere, including already in your house, but here is one at Discount School Supply with fabric pages specifically made for little hands (and mouths).

After searching through my old photos and albums, I discovered I already had a small album that was just what we needed.

Though I probably could have put this together in 10 minutes, I ended up spending almost an entire nap time reminiscing and looking through old photos.  Ha, so much for laundry that day.

But, it has proved well worth the time and effort because it has been a huge hit!  They especially love looking through their picture book with one of the starring characters (pictured here with Grammie…or as Little Brother now says, “Ma-mee.”)

Suggested Age:  16+ Months

(You can definitely make one for much younger kiddos, but I am recommending this age due to the reducing need for everything in the mouth and the increasing ability to identify and name people that seem to occur around this age.)



  1. Thanks for reminding me of a project I’ve been meaning to do with the Babies…I wanted us to make ones to use as part of our nighttime prayers.

    Have a great weekend!

    PS_Thank you so much for the Leibster award. I took a blogging break right about the same time you shared it with me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to properly accept and pass the love along soon!

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