Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to Jessica at Boys Oh Boys for The Versatile Blogger award.  I’m truly honored and excited to pass along this lovely nomination.  Please take a moment to visit Jessica’s awesome blog (love great giveaways, anyone?) as well as some of the nominees below!

The Rules for the Award:

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their site.
3. Include the Award image in your post.
4. Give 7 random facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 15 other Blogger for the award.
6. When nominating, include a link to their site.
7. Let other bloggers know that you nominated them.

Seven Random Facts About Me

1.  I was born on Christmas Eve.
2.  Our twins were due on Christmas Eve…and were only a few weeks short of sharing my birthday!
3.  Growing up, I had not one, but two, cats named Taffy.  (Ok, technically the second was “Taffy II,” but we usually just dropped the Roman Numerals.) 
4.  In high school, I went to a math and science magnet school (known by locals as the “Nerd Farm”) where the students were known (lovingly) as “nerd farmers.” 
5.  I met my husband in Drum Corps.  (And no, it was not like the movie Drum Line.)  I was in the color guard and he was in the horn line.  
6.   I’ve been to 3 college bowl games for free!  Gotta love Michigan Football and being a member of the Michigan Marching Band!
7.  After college, I lived in (or near) LA for a few months before moving to Georgia with my husband.  I’m now back in the Midwest, but will always have fond memories of being a temporary southern girl…even if I’m a true Yankee at heart. 😉

My 15 Nominees 

Do, Re…Me? – Marji is a musically talented mom to three boys.  She blogs about the joys of sharing music with our little ones.  Here are a few simple songs (with motion suggestions) to get you started – Chants for Babies, be sure to check it out.  Some posts even have videos with song demos…how great!

Experiment MOM – Twin mom, scientist, cloth diaper-er….check out Jen’s blog for some great activities for your kids.  She is currently doing an awesome “Upcycling” challenge and has some great ideas for re-purposing items for crafts and activities.  Check out this idea for re-using K-Cups!  Love it!

Mariette’s Pale Green and Pink Meanderings – Mariette is a former teacher and current SAHM to an adorable little girl.  Her little one is just a few months older than my boys, so I love checking out some of her toddler activities, tips, and stories.  One favorite activity is her Simple Sorting for Young Toddlers.  Take a look!

Meaningful Mama – Jodi is a mother of 3 with a truly helpful and creative blog.  Each day she blogs about a new activity, tip, and character development idea.  That’s 3 posts each day!   Here is a recent favorite on Day #195. So sweet…

Making Boys Men – Hannah is mom (or mum, I should say) to three handsome boys.  She has some wonderful activities on her blog (many that your little ladies are sure to love, too).  I’m filing this Outdoor Number Hunt away for next summer when my own boys should be recognizing numbers.

Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby – Jessica’s blog has some wonderful recipes for toddlers that moms (and dads) are sure to enjoy as well.  You can also check out her weekly Sweet Saturday link-up to share your own posts!

The Recipe Critic – This is great blog with recipe reviews categorized by a 1-5 star system.  You can also send a recipe Alyssa’s way to have it reviewed.  I love this because you get great recipes, plus added commentary on the dish.  I’m definitely going to have to try these Mini Peach Cobblers…always looking for delicious egg-free deserts and this one looks like a winner!

Achieving Creative Order – Looking for some great home decor and kid friendly organization tips?  I will definitely be checking this out for some inspiration as we finish our basement.  You must check out Susan’s basement with a built-in play room under the stairs…it is gorgeous!

Thriving and Surviving with Twins – Talented mom of twin 3-year-old boys.  Love her blog, and also love her graphic design abilities!  Check out Liz’s blog design studio at Sweet Simplicity Designs…I’m definitely one happy customer! :)

A Day in the Life – Mary is mom to 1-year-old boy/girl twins.  I really enjoyed her recent posts on cloth diapers as we have had many shared experiences!

Tickled Pink – Mandy is a 1st grade teacher and SAHM to a super cute little boy and has twins on the way! Check out her amazing classroom from this past year here at Back to School.  I hope my little ones have a teacher this dedicated and creative one day!

For Moms by Moms – Have twins?  This is a great new blog started by a few wonderful ladies (see below) for moms of multiples.  A great forum for asking questions, linking your own posts, and sharing tips for twin survival.

Just Wait til You Have Kids – One of the hostesses of For Moms by Moms.  Heather is mom to one-year-old twin girls.  Be sure to check out their beautiful “Alice in Wonderland” first birthday party!

The Wilkerson Way – One of the hostesses of For Moms by Moms.  Amanda is mom to adorable 14-month-old boy/girl twins.  I love to see what her little ones are up to, especially since my boys are only a few months older.  This is such a fun age.  Check out their story here.

The Vanzant Family – Blessed With Two – One of the hostesses of For Moms by Moms.  Jennifer is mom to  6-month-old boy/girl twins.  You can meet her cuties, read her beautiful blog, and see her inspiring story here.



  1. Congrats on your award! I love fact #4 LOL, thats so funny! :p Facts 1 and 2 are cool! (^_^)

    xoxo ♥ -Shar

  2. Thank you so much for nominating my blog name! You are too sweet! -Liz

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