Simple Toddler Yogurt Trick

During that (rather long) period when my boys were too old to be spoon fed by mom but too young to actually get the spoon (with any sort of nutritive substance) into their mouth on their own, I found it difficult to keep yogurt in their diet.  When I attempted to serve it, the “stuff” would end up scooped, smeared, and slathered on everything in sight.  I still think my kitchen table has a layer of yogurt permanently caked over, well, all of it.  
But, we did find a little trick to help reduce the mess (a bit) and increase those spoon scooping skills (albeit, slowly).

Simply mix the yogurt with a favorite cereal.  Finger-food worthy cereals seem to work best…think some kind of wheat bites, crispy rice squares, or the classic “O’s.”  This makes for more scoop-able, less gloppy targets for their little hands and spoons.  And, if thoses spoons ever end up on the floor (although, this never happened…ehem, still happens…at our house), they can just pick up the individual cereal pieces with their fingers.  Which, of course, is still a bit messy, but manages to get the yogurt into their bellies and (sort of) off the floor.
Still, since those yogurt slingin’ days are pretty much inevitable, maybe the best I can offer is this…
Good luck.


  1. a great idea!!

  2. Great idea. I also found using the yogurt tubes works pretty good too. There are also ones that you can reuse.
    Anissa from Chasing Hailey

  3. Ha! this is exactly what I fed my girls on Tuesday night, except we had cheerios that I crushed with a rolling pin before adding to the yoghurt. It’s a very nutritious and filling meal IMHO

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