10 Quick and Easy Toddler Activities

Looking for a few easy and on-the-fly educational activities to do with your toddlers?  While there are no-doubt scores of wonderful ideas out there, here are a few no-fuss, no-muss favorites that we can jump into at a moment’s notice.

And the best part?  Most of these activities use items you already have in your home and many take little to no prep time on your part.

Here they are, our current “Top 10” go-to activities.  Simply click on the links provided for more details…

1.  Color Shape Match – Lots of ways to modify this fun color matching activity using stuff from around the house.

2.  What’s in the Bag – Have a pillowcase handy?  Help develop early math skills with a fun sensory game.

3.  Jam Session – Just turn on the radio (or TV to a music channel) and open the box of noise-makers.

4.  Straw Hockey – Oodles of fun with just a straw and some cotton balls.  (Good for oral muscle tone, too!)

5.  Family Flip Book – Learn family members’ names with a quick homemade album.

6.  Letter of the Day – A new letter for each day of the month.

7.  Wait, Wait…Go! – Fun with blocks or boxes to learn the concept of “Wait!” and “Go!”

8.  Tunnel Fun – Let them find their adventurous side with some homemade tunnel exploration.

9.  Chip Drop – Work those fine motor skills, and re-use those old “puff” containers while you are at it!

10.  Stop! Go! Drum! – Easy after-dinner family jam session to work on the concept and signs for “Stop!” and “Go!”

Also, be sure to visit our 20 Busy Bag Ideas for more easy, engaging, and educational toddler activities.

Finally, here are a few other great sites full of toddler learning activities and much more:

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  1. Perfect! Thanks for this list! I was just thinking that I needed to come up with some ideas, and you’ve helped me BIG time. (My little dude just figured out the empty puff container trick today, actually!)

  2. Hi Holli, so glad you found me on the hop, I’m following now on twitter and GFC. Love your blog. Your boys are adorable!! Tears sprang to my eyes missing mine being that little!! So very sweet, such a precious time for you!

  3. They are just TOO cute!!

  4. Great list! I really like the Letter of the Day idea and straw hockey- I will do those with Lily. Thanks for sharing and linking up :) This Wednesday I will post the Blog-of-the-Month feature with your blog, so stay tuned!!

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