Stop! Go! Drum!

First off, please pardon the post-dinner mess, here.  Our house is usually not (or…never) spotless, but on this night, with a little game of “Stop! Go! Drum!” it was definitely…well, loud.
Go!!!!!!!!!!   Thought I’d translate just in case this picture doesn’t convey Little Brother’s excitement as he initiates the game by suggesting we “Go!” and begin with our post-dinner drum session.

Of course, who can resist such an enthusiastic offer?  We all happily oblige and drum away on the table.  (Well, except for mom this time, she’s behind the camera.)

Until “Stop!”  Daddy signs and gives the command for everyone to freeze.  Ahhh…silence.

And, like father, like son.  Big Brother joins in with his version of “Stop!” after a few rounds.

This has been a pretty effective method for us to teach the boys “stop” and “go.”  We’ve also tried to say the words out loud at the appropriate times when walking in the stroller or even driving in the car.

Now, we sometimes find that we have little backseat drivers…

Top, go, top, go…Go!!! Daddy! Go, Daddy, Go!  

While this is truly entertaining for the drivers up front, we ultimately hope that this will translate into other situations.  Such as…

Stop! Don’t run out in the street!

Stop! Don’t touch that hot stove!**

Stop…just…please, stop…chasing your brother.

On second thought…

Go! Go! Go! Run and chase your brother and burn some of that endless supply of energy!

How do you teach your little ones to “stop” (or “go”), especially when it comes to staying safe?

**You can check out “A Line in the Sand…or Kitchen” for our latest (successful) stove deterrent.


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