10 Veggie Snacks for Toddlers

Veggie Snacks

We’re always looking for some new snack options.  While we love the old standbys like crackers and ‘Os,’ if we can switch snack time up with a veggie, I feel like we earn nutrition bonus points for the day.  (Points we will surely lose the following day…when we refuse everything except fruit chewy snacks…off the floor.)  So, knowing we can use a shot of vitamins and fiber anytime we can get one, we’ve put together a quick list of some pretty easy veggie snacks that have actually made it into my toddlers’ bellies.

Veggie Snack 1

1.  Cold Peas – My boys will eat them warm, but they LOVE these little morsels cold.  I will often just steam a bag and throw 1/2 in a meal like Mac-n-Cheese-n-Peas and put the rest in a glass dish in the fridge.  They are usually gone the next day!

2.  Spinach Chips  – A little salt and pepper and a few minutes in the oven is all you need to turn spinach into crispy and delicious little snacks.  Take a look at a simple recipe here at Cooking Books for the time and temp.

3.  Carrot Cake Cupcakes –  Who doesn’t love carrot cake?  We especially love Ellie Krieger’s Carrot Cake Cupcakes.  Although they may fall slightly more into the dessert category than the vegetable category (especially if going on taste alone), they are a pretty healthy option considering the recipe calls for whole wheat flour and applesauce along with the shredded carrots.

Veggie Snack 2

4. Sweet Pepper Strips – We chew on a lot of these at our house.  I know, I know, it’s not the same as actually eating them, but we’re getting there.  I hope that by taking advantage of their need to chew on everything…still…I might “encourage” a love of sweet peppers.  Cut them up early in the week, and just keep them in a baggie in the fridge for a quick chew break.

5.  Cucumber Slices –  Again, something about cold and crunchy (when they have enough teeth) is often irresistible to toddlers.  Try peeling them first and serving them sliced.

6.  Sweet Potatoes –  This baby food favorite transitions nicely into a toddler snack (or side dish) favorite. Alexia All Natural brand makes a variety of frozen treats, from waffle fries to tater tots.  Quick warning, you might want to make a few extra for yourself.

7.  Fruit and Veggie Pouches – You could make home purees, too, but for a quick grab-and-go, these Plum pouches are wonderful.  I hope my boys never stop loving them…ok, well maybe by high school we might outgrow them.  In the summer, we keep them in the refrigerator, and they make a good cold snack after running around outside.

Veggie Snack 3

8.  Roasted Root Vegetable Candy – Yet another great recipe by the Pioneer Woman.  The bite size pieces are perfect for little fingers.  These would also be great straight from the fridge the following day.

9.  Veggie Straws – Yes, this may be a bit of a stretch to call it a veggie snack.  However, these chips do contain some tomato puree and spinach powder and make a good substitute for regular potato chips. Plus, they are great for dipping (see #10) – an activity which my boys cannot get enough of lately.  Meijer and Trader Joe’s also have their own store-brand versions.

Veggie Snack 4

10.  Avocado-Yogurt Dip – Mash up some avocados, mix in a little plain Greek yogurt and a splash of lime juice, and you’ve got one of the healthiest chip dips you can find.  It’s delicious with just these simple ingredients, or check out this link for Avocado-Yogurt Dip with Cumin for some additional items you can add to spice it up a bit.

***Updated: May 2016***

Looking beyond the Toddler Years:  Hello Fresh  for the Win!

The twins are 5 now and doing pretty well when it comes to eating a variety of foods, thanks in part to the list above, but  also due to the fact that the food gods dealt me a pretty easy hand – we have no food allergies and for the most part we are not too picky when it comes to what is on our plates.  I do realize we sorta won the lottery with that one; I know it’s a challenge.  Still, I’m always looking for ways to eat better.  Sometimes we get in a rut and live on hot dogs and mac.  And sometimes we do better.

Veggies for Kids-1-2

Like many families, we have a list a mile long of health concerns and reasons we NEED to continue to make a healthy lifestyle a priority.  So, for Mother’s Day this year, I treated myself to our first Family Box from Hello Fresh – a weekly healthy, ah-mazing meal-in-a-box delivery service that is making my life soooo much easier when it comes to meal planning.  I first saw it while watching hour 726 of HGTV most likely when Jamie Oliver popped on my screen and had me at Hello, basically.  A month in, I am over the moon about it and have to share it.   My kids kinda love it too.


(His enthusiasm here reflects the fact that I asked him to repeat what he had just said before I had the camera out.  But seriously, how often does a 5 year old proclaim unprompted and mid-meal, “Mom, this is a delicious meal!”  That really actually happened.  And it happens regularly with our Hello Fresh meals.  And there were MUSHROOMS and ONIONS and SPINACH in this meal.  Pinch me.)  

Sooo…long story short, if you are interested in really good, really healthy meals packed with veggies (that your kids might actually eat), you have got to give this a try.  Use our code and get $40 off your first box.  Win!  (We’ll get a credit towards box too, so really it’s a Win! Win!)  

Simply click on over here to Hello Fresh, customize your box, and then use code QUDHKS at the checkout screen!


Veggies for Kids and Toddlers -3

I’m pretty sure our family (twin five-year-olds included) has eaten more {delicious} vegetables in the last month that we have all year.  And we do try to eat well!  I highly, highly recommend Hello Fresh!

What veggies would your little snackers add to this list?



  1. really great! I am always trying to figure out good veggie or just healthy snacks period. My babies are sick of bananas because that seems to be my go to snack.

  2. Such a great post – I didn’t want it to end! I am beyond excited to try these snacks with my girls. Thanks for connecting with me on my blog. Now I can follow along on your blog that I love!

  3. I am always trying to find new healthy things to try with my girls and you have so many great idea’s listed here. I can not wait to start trying all of these! I would love for you to share this on our made for or by kids linky http://wemadethat.blogspot.com/2012/08/we-made-that-linky-1.html

  4. So glad you linked this up, it’s such a good idea for a post! Glad you liked your feature yesterday, have a great weekend :)

  5. My daughter loves steamed broccoli and cucumbers. We are currently sick and all she can keep down are cucumbers and Popsicle.

  6. I’ve been mashing avocado and yogurt often lately as well (three boys under 4, the youngest of whom is just starting solids). I let them dip homemade whole wheat graham crackers (from weelicious) in it.

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