Fall is in the Air – Show & Tell Monday

Between Labor Day, football kickoff, and hosting my first seasonal link party, the Fall Bucket List Idea Share, I definitely have fall on the brain.  So, when I saw the topic for the Show & Tell Monday at From Mrs. to Mama, I thought I’d participate.

Question #1:  Tell us what you are looking forward to this fall.

Although I’m sure I say this with each new season, fall is my favorite season.  I am really looking forward to college football (even though my team, University of Michigan, is off to a rough start against Alabama on Saturday).  I also love campfires, the return of comfort food  – chili especially –  and warmer clothes.  Oh, and also looking forward to resale season and shopping for some new clothes for my boys! 

Question #2:  Show us your fall style.

Ok, this is a tough question for me as I feel I am somewhat fashion illiterate.   So, I’ll show my boys’ fall fashion style, because that’s easier for me to answer.

Camping Cutie
Source: Carters

Little College Cutie
Source:  Carters

Question #3:  Tell us your favorite things to do in the fall.  If you have children, activities to do with the kids.

I hope to hit up a couple pumpkin farms this fall.  I’m looking forward to the fact that the boys will be running around exploring this year!  (Last year they were rolled around stroller-style as they were not walking yet.)  I’d also love to go camping, but I’m thinking that might wait until next year as I’m not sure how to camp with two under two.  (If you’ve done it, please share your tips!)

Our little guys at a pumpkin farm last year…too short to reach those pedals.

First family hayride in 2011; hoping to repeat in 2012!

Question #4:  Show us your favorite fall beverage.

Along with pretty much everyone else in the world, I love me some Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Source: www.starbucks.com

Question #5:  Tell us how you will be participating in Halloween this year.  Plans?  Costume ideas?

We’ll definitely be participating in Halloween this year.  Although I posted a list of 50 Coordinating Halloween Costume Ideas, I haven’t decided what the boys (or my husband and I) will be yet.  We’re looking forward to trick-or-treating with some more active participation from our little candy seekers this year.

Here is a picture of my little guys from last year. 

Superman and his alter-ego, Clark Kent.




  1. I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes too but unfortunately, coffee isn’t agreeing with me this pregnancy (on the rare occasions I get some).

  2. So cute! I love the little guys Halloween Costumes!

  3. Seriously?!?!! Superman and Clark Kent as costumes for twins. I wish I was that clever!

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