Fall Harvest

Been farmin’ long?  Anyone else love that picture, too?

This weekend, we traveled to Grammie and Papaw’s to get a (very) early start on the fall harvest.
We started with a tractor ride, of course.

Then it was on to the Gator.

And a trial run of some pretty darn cute head gear.  (If I do say so myself.)

 You might have noticed, but those headphones did not make it along for the ride.

Then Grammie arrived, and it was time for a break and some refreshment.

This here juice drinkin’ is serious business.

A little help with those last, delicious drops.  *Insert giant slurping noises here.* 

Chasin’ tractors is hard work for this city dog.

But, as his shirt says, Farm Work is Never Done.  So, refreshed, we were on to the combine.

Papaw’s actual combine.

(As opposed to every other combine we see in book or magazines and have to proudly proclaim, “Papaw combine!”)

No worries; we’re in park.

And Papaw was just outside the shot.

Farm it like Grandpa.

We even got to “ride (with) mommy (in the) combine.”

But, since big red wasn’t leaving the shop on this day…

we hopped down to check the tires,

and inspect the crop.

And even tried for a (failed) brotherly-love photo op.

In the end, it was just another day on the farm.

Farm dog running the fields.

Tractor hauling the plow.

And farmers talking about the weather.



  1. Great pictures! Looks like your boys had fun!

  2. Looks like they had a fantastic day! Visiting you from the mixer!

  3. Looks like about where I’m from. hahaha. I totally remember the day I drove a combine with my dad and some of his buddies. It’s a childhood memory I’ll never forget. haha. precious memories :) cute pics!

  4. Your boys are adorable! My grandpa use to have us ride his tractor when we would visit.


  5. Ahh great pictures. I love the farm life. So beautiful and all American!!!

    Thanks for sharing


    a new follower too!

  6. What a fun day!!

  7. New follower here. Your boys are adorable. It is so fun to see how much little boys love farm equipment. My boys love tractor rides.

  8. How fun! When my family visited the states in July my baby “rode” the John Deere with my father too. Lots of photos were taken as well. I love your picture of your boys slurping juice. What cuties!

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