Four Ways to Save (and Make) Money with your Kids’ Stuff – Part Three

Part Three: Shop Consignment Stores

Another way to save some big cash when shopping for your children’s clothes (and sometimes toys and furniture) is to shop at consignment stores. Consignment stores have an advantage over garage sales and resales as they are open year round.  However, prices tend to run a little higher on average (but still much lower than retail) and you typically cannot negotiate.  Also, the quality of the items in consignment stores can vary from store to store, so be sure to shop carefully and know the return policy.

Not sure where to find a store near you?  Here are a few nationwide chains:

Children’s Orchard

Looking to shop local?  Ask around, try a quick Google search, or check out the following resource:

Consignment Mommies – Has a local consignment store search option “coming soon.”
At many of these stores, you can also register as a consignor and make money for bringing in your children’s items for them to sell.  In my experience, you can typically earn up to 40% of the sale price.  Yes, this is much less than what you would make at your own garage sale or a local resale, but there is also much less work involved on your part, and items typically sell for more.  Also, you will likely have the choice of receiving a check or store credit for your items sold.  Below you can see my most recent “freebies” (purchased on store credit) from my local consignment store.  

Selling your children’s clothes with a consignment store can be a great way to make a little extra cash, just make sure to look into the policy as every store is different.  Combined with my resale earnings and garage sale finds, consignment shopping (and selling) has greatly reduced my out-of-pocket cost for keeping my boys looking great!

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