A Chill in the Air

With that cool, crisp, fall air on its way,

we threw on the hoodies and ventured outside.

Can’t miss these precious last few opportunities for some time at the park.

The future pilot?

Or, at least, a little boy who loves to fly.

Waiting for his turn in the sky.

And, still waiting.

And, taking a break to watch the big kids play.  (Some day, Little Brother, some day.)

And, finally losing interest and deciding the slide was much better than the airplane ride.

But not as great as driving the truck with Big Brother.

Just wanting to soak it all in; the park, the beautiful evening, and my boys.

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Small Things with Love


  1. You always get such great pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

    • Thanks, Mary. I use a Canon Rebel, and I love it. I have taken one class, but I find that most of my best shots are still on auto. (I’m hoping to take more classes in the future and get more confident in manual modes.) It really is a great camera, though.

  2. These are fantastic, Holls! I especially love the first one with Dad :)

  3. There are great pictures of your little boys. You should really feel blessed and enjoy every moment of their time. I am following you now and would love a follow back.

  4. Very cute photos! I found your blog via Jellibean Journals. Fall is definitely in the air in my area too, and I am loving all of the cozy fall sweaters.

  5. I love these photos, and I also love how both boys hold onto one finger. I love when little kids do that.

  6. Seriously? Daddy walking with both of the boys and holding hands. That’s too much!

  7. This really is too adorable for words 😀

    xoxo Grace @ http://gracefulwolf.blogspot.com

  8. Sweet shots, sweet boys. That first shot is wonderful! Joining you from Small things.

  9. I love these pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them at the photo show and tell link party last week. I am excited to be featuring you! Stop by, grab a button and share again this week!

    Thanks again

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