New Digs from thredUP

While Fall/Winter Resale Season is coming to a close in my house, one of my “must have” items remained on my list until this week:  “Comfy Clothes” – specifically, bummin’ around the house, nappin’ pants.  My boys are still in the “we take a serious afternoon nap” phase of life (insert Hallelujah chorus here).  And, by serious, we mean, change-out-of-our-jeans (and into soft, worn, warm, comfy pants) for a three-hour drool-fest and wakin’ up with sweaty, sleep-head kind of nappin’.
Oh, it is the best.
So, I was thrilled to find some great (and coordinating…because we do go out in our house pants more than I’d like to admit) additions to our comfy stash.  I present to you our SECOND (see our first here) awesome order from thredUP.

Love this little hand-written detail.

As did Little Brother.

And, so then, of course…Big Brother wanted to check it out as well.

Yes, my boys are totally excited about clothes.

Their favorites being this “drum-min” shirt and coordinating “gi-tar” shirt, both NWT – $3.49 each

Old Navy Sweatpants – $3.99 each

Gymboree Sweatpants – Average price $6.00 each

Carter’s Sweatpants – $2.99 each

Old Navy Sweatpants – $3.99 each

Arizona Hoodie – $3.99
Happy little customer – Priceless
If you have some items left on your shopping list this season, I definitely recommend taking a look at thredUP.  (You can see my review of our first order here, which includes a look at their user-friendly website.) 
Happy Shopping!

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