25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

Looking for some Stocking Stuffer suggestions for Santa this season?  Here’s a quick list of ideas for your toddler’s wish list (and a few practical ones for yours) to help get you started.

Stocking Stuffers

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1.  Dapper Snappers – Our pants don’t fit without these genius toddler “belts.”

Perfect for tiny waists or big pants.

2.  Boo Bunny or Character Ice Pack – Makes the bumps and bruises a little bit easier.
3.  Character Toothbrush – Because it’s probably time for a new one, anyway.
4.  Bibs – Time to find some toddler-sized mess deterrent.
5.  Sippy Cups or Water Bottles– Perfectly sized for the stocking.


{Update:  2015  These Thermos Water Bottles (pictured above ) are my 4-year-olds’ current favorites and I think Santa might need to bring each of them a back-up for the holiday this year!  They are not the cheapest, but I was convinced by some friends on our Facebook page that they are the best thing out there!} 
6.  Fun Fork/Spoon Set – Because they use them so efficiently, right?
7.  Mini Board Books – Great for the car, the diaper bag, the stroller…
8.  Flash Cards – Numbers, letters, colors, and more.
9.  Fruit (Oranges, Apples, Bananas) – Cut them up Christmas morning for a breakfast fruit salad!
10.  Fruit or Veggie Pouches – My 2-year-old boys eat these up like candy.

Source: Target

11.  Wheelie Cars – Love these little cars for little people.
12.  Socks – Nothing wrong with socks and undies from Santa.  Sometimes it’s good to be practical.
13.  Tights – To keep little legs warm through the winter.
14.  Pacifiers and/or Clips – Maybe better for the under 2 crowd, but you can never have too many if your little one loves his/her paci!
15.  Warm and Fuzzy PJ’s – Nothing warmer and cuddlier than a little one in some Carter’s fleece jammies.
16.  Play Doh – Individual tubes should fit nicely in a stocking.
17.  Toddler Friendly Crayons – Or markers, chalk, etc.
18.  Mini Travel Doodler – A definite favorite in our house!

Source:  Amazon

19.  Winter Hat – Can never have too many of these – one for the car, the coat closet, the diaper bag…
20.  Bath Toys – Perfectly sized for a quick dip in the stocking.
21.  Stickers – Oh, the simple joys in life.
22.  No-Spill Snack Bowls – Because they still spill without them.
23.  Mesh Feeder – Makes for a good popsicle feeder without the choking hazard.
24.  Nerf or Sensory Balls – Great for babies, but my toddlers still love these balls which are great (and soft) for throwing.

Source: Amazon

25.  Stuffed Animal – How sweet of Santa to leave a new friend peeking out the top of the stocking?

Have some great ideas not on this list?  Please add them in the comment section below!  Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Good stuff! Thanks for the post! My daughter has loved stickers since she was 1 & found out she could take them off the paper!

  2. The toothbrush stocking stuffer idea is brilliant! Both of my kiddos seemed obsessed with new tooth brushes.

  3. We do toothbrushes as well…never can have enough of those. Instead of “real” fruit, we have done play food for the toy kitchen as well.

  4. Love this list! I always struggle with stocking stuffers!

    I have found a couple of cute things in the Dollar Spot in Target–board books and socks included. This week I picked up a wooden cookie set for Emily. It will make a perfect addition to their kitchen set and “tea parties.”

  5. Great list! Thanks for sharing! Hadn’t even thought this far ahead yet, but I guess it is time to start shopping the deals! :)
    Found you through the Naptime Review hop :)

  6. Great ideas! I always feel stuck with what to get my little ones, and I’m off to add some of the things above to my own shopping list. Thanks for sharing and nice to find you via the MMM link-up!

  7. Thanks for the great ideas! I’m pinning your post for future reference: I have a six month old, two year old, and 4 year old, so your ideas will come in handy!

    Visiting from MMM link-up too!


  8. I suppose I’d ad building blocks to the list. (I don’t think I saw those, right?) Thanks for linking up with me this week. I could definitely use a list of ideas for my little girl’s list.

  9. Love this list for ideas. I just realised my girls are getting into vehicles from their word book and the wheelies or similar would make great presents. Thanks Holli

  10. Great ideas! We got a few of these things and we also got my 2.5 year old mini duplo sets.

  11. We purchased these types of cookware for our 2 year old
    for Love Day to go together with the Melissa and
    Doug Kitchen space he received for Christmas time.i’m also discovering that
    my VERY VERY fussy oldest boy is actually trying new stuff to take mainly because
    he is so fascinated by the action of cooking.


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