123 Magic Goals – First 10 Days

Stop Behavior Goals:

Little Brother –

1.  Tantrums for wants – Particularly for getting dressed in AM, sharing, meal time.

Big Brother –

1.  Badgering for wants.  “Mommy up, mommy up, mommy up…no daddy, no daddy, no daddy.”  Particularly around meal time, seeking attention (when not appropriate time).

Both –

1.  Fighting over toys, turn taking.

Start Behavior Goals:

1.  Eating – a reasonable amount of nutritious-like food  – at the table, in their own chairs, without drama.

Started Friday Morning.  (Nana, Dad, Mom all home over weekend.  Nana was a ………. grandparent, so we were good to go.)

Saturday – Posted to FB for tips, advice on 123 magic.

Sunday – Let Dad handle morning.  Lots of drama.  Let Dad take control.

Monday – Big Brother stops major badger session cold turkey on count two, runs away to go play happily.

Tuesday – Little brother puts self in “time out” to calm down.

Wednesday Morning – Husband went back to work.  No tears before breakfast.  Tried in pubic for first time.  Felt all eyes…mom needs to be more confident.

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday – Grandparents in town.  Older brother much more social and less clingy.

Sunday – Went out to dinner with two strrangely polite toddlers.  Lots of factors.  But, hooray!

After first 10 days:

Little Brother – Doing better about stopping tantrum and asking for help.

Big Brother – Significant reduction in badgering behavior.  Amen.

Dad’s Thoughts:  See it working at 2 often.  When do I start counting…mom has quicker trigger.  How do we stay consistent between our styles of counting and our expectations.

Mom’s Thoughts:  No talk, no emotion is refreshing and helpful!


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