Toddler Valentine’s Math

Thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest and a couple of my mom friends, I’ve jumped on the felt board bandwagon.  Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not what you would call a “crafty” person, but I can cut some shapes out of (inexpensive…bonus!) felt.  My boys were loving playing with their felt snowman lately, so with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought we could switch it up for some fun with hearts.

Simply cut out some hearts in different sizes and colors and let the comparisons (an important early math skill) begin.  We had fun with our small, medium, and large sizes.  This super simple activity also lends easily to talking about colors, counting, comparison, and size.

  • How many small purple hearts?  
  • What color is the large one? 
  • Can you put them in order from smallest to largest?
  • Three pink hearts plus two red hearts is how many hearts?
  • Can you put the red heart next to, on, under, to the right of…the purple heart?
For more Valentines ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.  Happy Cupid’s Day!

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  1. Really cute! I’ve got some leftover felt from my Toddler Christmas Tree that I could use for this. I might need to buy some pink though… Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love your felt hearts! We’ve stuck felt cut outs to couches too, and had lots of fun with them! Thanks for the invite to link up–I’ve added two links!

  3. hellllloooooo Holli! thank you so much for the invitation! (i linked up the heart sticks) your boys are such CUTIES :) have an awesome weekend!

  4. Love all the cute ideas here. Have linked up.

  5. How cute and simple…I bet my 3 year old would love doing that! (I found you over at Teach Beside Me)

  6. I love that the kids can totally help with this! Thanks for sharing! ; )

  7. Cute craft ideas! First time visiting your blog. I hope you stop by to link-

  8. Really cute idea with the felt hearts. Thanks for your ideas.

  9. Great activity! I try to explain counting with my little girl, but I don’t know how much she’s picking up yet. By next V-day I’m sure she’d really like this activity. Thank you for linking up with me for the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week.

  10. Excited to link up today! I’d love for you to come over and share at my Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party.

  11. This is a great collection of Valentine’s Day fun. Please consider adding this to the home education resource, Look What We Did. -Savannah

  12. Great idea for felt play and Valentine’s Day! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library.

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  14. What a great collection! Thanks for inviting us :) I just added our 28 Days of February crafts!

  15. Thanks for the invitation!

  16. Thanks so much for the invite to the party! I’m loving all of the Valentine’s Day inspiration :) All linked up now.

  17. Michelle Williams says:

    I’m just starting to get on the felt bandwagon myself! I have so many ideas for it and just haven’t gotten around to actually doing/finishing a single one! haha Thanks so much for linking up at the MaMade Blog Hop! Don’t forget to stop back next week to link up again and see if you were featured! :) Have a great weekend!

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