Extremes of Motherhood

Lord, level me off from the extremes of mothering and restore me to green pastures.  Amen.

~ Margaret Anne Huffman

The other morning I had a meltdown over waffles.  After a series of dramatic and emphatic proclamations by each of the hungry two-year-olds waiting {not so} patiently for their breakfast – tears streaming down their faces because the plate was the wrong color, the waffle was cut-up the wrong way, the milk fell on the floor, and other general calamities of toddler-hood – I had reached my limit, my “extreme” if you will.  The details of the meltdown are not so important, we’ve all been there for a variety of reasons, but for me, this day, waffles were the tipping point.

But I should have known better; I should have been able to keep in all in perspective.

You see, just the night before (in the wake of the heartbreaking tragedy in Newtown), I had been sitting on their nursery room floor with silent tears streaming down my face.  Like so many of us, I couldn’t shake not only the “what if’s” but also the pain for those parents whose “what ifs” became reality.  I wept feeling pain, hurt, gratitude, guilt, confusion, and exhaustion.

So, extremes.  There I am sobbing one night, thanking God for the children sleeping safely in their cribs, and the next morning, I am frustrated to the point of tears over these same {beloved} children.

I’m not sure if this makes me horrible…or human.

My prayer for this day, this week {this life} is to find balance amid these extremes.

Lord, fill us with the everyday joys – a sweet moment playing trains together, a giggle over a silly song, an “I wuv wu,” or a snuggle on a sick day.  Keep us grounded in a way that we might see and appreciate these blessings before us, even during those moments of frustration, exhaustion, and irrationality.  Let these joys and blessings protect us from giving in to the extremes of motherhood and guide us in parenting with a deep tank of love and patience each day.

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