The Not-So-Silent Majority

HRC Go Red for Marriage Equality Logo


The color of love.  Splashed across Facebook and Twitter pages.  Beautiful.  Inspiring.  Hopeful.


The overwhelming message of the day.  Spread across statuses and tweets.  A simple photo giving so many the courage to find their voice.

Many added their own brave words as well:

“Today I’m praying for love and justice.”

“I have far too many people in my life and on my Facebook who I care about very much and want to see them live happy lives with the person they love. May we all have that choice. I apologize TO those amazing and wonderful people that it took me so long today to do this tiny little thing in support.”

“I know this won’t be popular with many of my facebook friends but I believe it is the right thing to do.”

“Some of the best people I’ve ever known were committed to and stayed in long, admired relationships; when life was cruel to them. If they could stand that test, I can stand for them.”

“I support equality. Yesterday, Today and forever.”

“I believe that all people who desire to be married should be able to be recognized in a marriage, legally, and treated equally.”

“Live and let live. Love and let love.”

Instead of the usual emotional distress brought on by Facebook status updates, comments, and tweets on days when controversial topics are newsworthy, this time, Facebook brought me to tears.

Tears of joy.  

Tears of relief.

And, then, also…some tears for those whose pages may not look like mine.

A friend’s preemptive status update announcing a social media hiatus.   Was it in anticipation of the barrage?  It wasn’t all that long ago when so many hurtful things were said over a chicken sandwich.

How many have been so hurt by past episodes that they couldn’t bear to look this time?  How many live in places where support is still timid, at best?  How many hear only silence?  How many still see the hate?

Though, by day’s end, the historic arguments will have been heard, the movement has days and days to go before equality is fully reached.

But, for many, we’ve shared a collective hug.  A moment of reconciliation.  A stirring inside to no longer remain silent.

A calling to push forward…



  1. Yes, I love it! I am so wonderfully pleased to see the number of people sporting that wonderful icon in the profile pics!


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