Jesus Loves Me – A Healing Lullaby

Boys Hug

In many ways, it was a typical morning. 

Brothers playing in the sunroom, TV on in the background, a list too long of things to be done.  The daily routine interrupted when a playful hug-and-giggle fest led to an unintended crash and burn.

Out came my “Mommy the Comforter” hat – a hat which I wear all too often with two two-year-old boys finding their way in the wide world – as I scooped up the boo-booed boy (the other escaped unscathed), did my best “accidents happen” bit in toddler terms, and brought my hurting little guy up on my lap for some snuggles.

Pulling a little mommy trick out of my bag, I quickly started in with a current favorite melody as we rocked, hoping to ease the tears and sniffles.

Soon, he was calm enough to offer his own suggestion. Timidly lifting his head off my shoulder, he asked,

“Mommy, I like…Jesus Loves Me?”

(A brief pause to record the sweet moment on my heart.)

“Of course, baby.  We can sing Jesus Loves Me…”

Jesus loves me, this I know,

I feel my little guy (who thinks every man with a beard is Jesus) melt, at peace, on my shoulder.

For the Bible tells me so.

It does.  The Bible – for all its complexity, beauty, and layers – does it not, above all else, convey this this one simple message?

Little ones to Him belong,

(As I hold you here in my lap, offering my best to comfort you when you hurt, may you always know you Belong.)

They are weak, but He is strong.

We are weak, flawed, and imperfect.  But He loves us…all, still.  Still.

I could have sang to him all day, as he snuggled up on my shoulder, comforted by my voice and those simple, yet profound words which he is only just beginning to understand.

Yes, Jesus loves me,

So simple, yet so complicated.  Do we, as adults, even really understand?  Do we understand that this song is for all of us?  For me, for you, for all our brothers and sisters?

Yes, Jesus loves me,

In many ways, it was not a typical morning.

As we rocked, singing, at peace, supporters and protesters from across the country stood outside the steps of the US Supreme Court – Marriage Equality on the table.  Thousands more shared their support on social media, often then finding themselves in their own firestorms and engaging in difficult conversations.  At times uplifting, loving.  At times hurting.

Yes, Jesus loves me,

How many have been told throughout their lives that this song is not for them?  How many claim this song as their own?  Its pure and simple message for only a select few…

I sing this song believing with my whole heart that it is for all.  Young, old.  Male, female.  Gay, straight.  Black, white.  Olive, brown. Liberal, conservative.  Child, parent.

You, me.

The Bible tells me so.

Please, Jesus, let my children know this song is always, always, for them.

“Okay, mommy.  I feel better now.”  And off he went.

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  1. What a sweet post. I agree with you, that Jesus loves us all, and what a great thing that your cutie little boys know that at such a young age. Really really enjoyed reading & thinking about your words. Thanks so much for linking up with me this past week, Holli.

  2. I don’t think I truly appreciated the depth of that song until I got older. What a beautiful truth it holds that Jesus does love us all! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. A very sweet moment indeed!

  4. Esther Irish says:

    So sweet!

  5. So sweet!

    I sing this as a lullaby to my son sometimes- it instantly calms him down.

    (Visiting from Christian Mommy Blogger’s Fellowship Fridays)

  6. Such a tender moment you’ve shared here. Thank you for linking with us at #tellhisstory. ~ Jennifer


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