It’s official.

My boys have tractor fuel running through their blood.

But, when you come from a Long line of farmers,

and your Daddy happens to be a  “Big Red Tractor” engineer,

and your Uncle just happens to be a “Big Combine” engineer (of -shall we say – another color),

this, Tractor Love, is inevitable.

Of course.

And so, for years to come, it is quite likely that “Attend a Tractor Pull” will be a must on our Summer Bucket List.

(Even, I’m sure, when those little hands no longer reach as eagerly for my own.)

I mean, if nothing else, for those earmuffs.



  1. It’s always a must on ours! :) We’re also red tractor people. We inherited a Farmall A from my Grandpa that we are hoping to restore someday.

  2. My younger brother loves farm life & chose ag as a career. He and my father have attended the county fair’s tractor pull for as long as I can remember & love it. I feel a little sorry for my almost sister-in-law, a city girl without the slightest yearning to attend. It’s great she’s a good sport. So glad you and your family have a summer tradition that you can all enjoy together. Your boys look so cute with those big clunky ear muffs :)

    • I can relate. I’m learning to watch through their eyes, but I do realize that this will be more of a “Daddy and the boys” activity, and I’m okay with that, too. 😉

  3. So cute with the ear muffs! I love watching little boys get so excited about what their daddy’s do. SO precious :)

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