On Social Media and Christian Response to Marriage Equality

Christian Supports Marriage Equality

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What a phenomenon it is to be able to watch history unfold on social media.  Never before has a generation been able to react, together, in real time, interactively to breaking news.  Watching the news of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA and dismiss PROP 8 on standing come across my newsfeed this morning was exhilarating.  Within moments, my wall was filled with affirming and joyous statements by human rights organizations, LGBT organizations, and Christian voices.

Yes, that’s right, I said my wall was filled with Christian voices celebrating this step towards equality for the gay community.

I’m not niave.  I do realize that my newsfeed probably looked a little different than many others.  You see, I’ve stacked my deck.  Well, to be fair, I think we’ve all stacked our decks by “liking” and “following” those people and organizations with whom we find solace, that speak to our hearts, and that make us feel that we are not alone in what we believe and whom and love.  Haven’t we?

So, in light of the fact that “Christian” and “Gay Pride” do not typically fit into the same box, I want to shed some light on a few “outside the box” Christian voices.

Believe Out Loud
Reconciling Ministries Network
Gay Christian Network
Unvirtuous Abbey
Unfundamentalist Christians
Rachel Held Evans

After all, that’s one of the reasons why I love Jesus.  He doesn’t fit into any box.

If you are seeking, like so many of us are, to makes sense of the intersection of faith and human relationships, I encourage you to take look at those pages listed above. I share these with the hope that they may be helpful to some on their journey. I know they’ve been helpful on my own.

I am grateful for this day in which our LGBT brothers and sisters find themselves one step closer to equality.  I will continue to be another Christian voice of support as the journey continues.


(All pages shared above are the Facebook sites for these organizations/people.  If you’re not on FB, you can find most of them on twitter or by searching for their blogs or websites.  Piece originally written and shared with Patch.com and shared with Imperfect Prose)



  1. Thank you for being a Christian ally, Holli! If anyone is looking for more resources, I will put in a quick plug for my resource guide to Christianity and homosexuality, which has links to more organizations and sites as well as articles, books, movies, and online videos.

    So happy about the SCOTUS decisions today, and for all of my friends who will immediately benefit from DOMA being struck down.

  2. That is a fantastic list, Jessica. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be referencing it again and again.

  3. Hi Holli! Thank you so much for linking with Imperfect Prose! I love your grace-filled heart and your loving post, here. I will be writing on the subject this coming Monday in fact, and hope that all of us, no matter our views, can choose LOVE. Bless you, e.


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