Proud. A Potty Tale

I swore I’d never be that parent who posted about my kids’ poop on Facebook.  (And, no, that apostrophe is not lost. I have a pair of poopers in my house – aka, twins.)

I’m not sure if it’s the “ew” factor (which let’s face it, I should be over given the amount of it I wipe, clean, smell, or otherwise encounter on a daily basis) or the fact that I’m secretly green with envy over these parents whose kids are actually one step closer to saying “Good Riddance!” to diapers, but I sort of cringe with the poop posts.  (Yes, I know…I’m about to eat my own words.  Such is motherhood.)

Plus, I have boys.  Two of them.  Twins.  You know what they say about boys and potty training.  I had secretly contemplated shipping them off to Grandma’s house for a week with no diapers and hoping for the best upon their return.Tada!  Look, Ma!  No diapers! 

I also had nightmares of them never being allowed to step foot in a preschool because of that pesky potty training requirement.  I could almost hear myself groveling on the phone with the admissions office:

But there are two of them!  And they’re boys!  Pleeeeaase, can you help?  

So while technically this is not Facebook, I am now that parent proudly proclaiming to the world (or at least a few readers):My kids are pooping…in the potty!  And it is glorious!

(Well, one of them is, at least.  The other is still convinced that the Elmo undies are the best receptacle for said deposit.  But we’re working on that.)

Yes, now that I’m in the throws of poo and pee and all things potty, I get it.  It’s sort of a throwback to when you have a newborn in the house and your world revolves around sleep.  You excitedly tell everyone you see on the street that your baby just slept for 4 hours…in a row!  Only to get less than enthusiastic responses of, “Oh, that’s nice?” Or when, to our utter amazement, they learn to sit, or crawl, or blow bubbles, or do any other of the truly miraculous things that kids learn to do.  We are proud as punch, and rightly so.  Oh how I beam at the sight of my boys carrying their offerings to the porcelain idol.  They joy they feel with each enthusiastic flush is my own.


So now, as I enter the world of potty training and entertain the very idea that my world may not revolve around diapers one day, I get why this milestone is a joy worthy of Facebook.

And I also get that not everyone will want to climb up on the rooftops and proclaim it with me, but here I go one more time:

My kid peed!  He peed!  In the potty!  And so did the other one!  And they are just so darn cute in their Elmo underwear!

So if you are there too, if the loss of that despised diaper dependency is so close you can taste it, I’ll climb on up on that roof with you.  I’ll give you a high five as we sing and dance our praises to the potty.

And, when we’re done, how about we go grab a celebratory cup of coffee with all that extra money we’re not spending on diapers.


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  1. I so relate to this as I just climbed the glorious mountain of potty training twins albeit girls. Ah yes, how the girls would come look for me no matter where I was to proudly show me their potty deposits. I would of course dutifully holler and exclaim for the 15th time in the day how wonderful it is :)

    • I don’t know, maybe after a few years it will get old, but I am just so darn excited every time. And so are they. Congrats to you and your girls!

  2. Holli, we just started potty training our boys about 3 weeks ago and man the savings in diapers is already making a difference. My boys till would rather poop in their underwear rather than the potty….I’m told it could take some time. Just gotta persevere I guess!

    • Sending you a big high five! The twin of mine that did the poop in the undie thing did so for a good couple weeks, too. But, he has just about conquered it! (I’m probably cursing myself for typing that out loud.) :) Good luck to you and yours, and enjoy the lack of diapers. Wahoo!

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