Best Beach Shots…and a Blooper Reel

A few years ago, we snapped this great shot at the beach.

And then, last year, this one.  (“Great” is subjective here, but it is surely one of our favorites.)

Well, I’m excited to share our best beach shot (so far) of 2013…

I wish I could tell you we took one shot and done.  But, that would be a lie. You see, typically I don’t post the 27 or so outtakes necessary to get a photo with two tots looking, or even better yet, smiling.

But, just for fun, I thought I’d share a few bloopers for your viewing entertainment.

Look, bro, mom is taking a million pictures again.

Cheese!  Oh wait, I blinked.

Oh, cool man, you got a flashy star necklace.

Yeah, bro, it’s pretty rad.


Anyway, as I was saying, it’s flashy and lights up, and…

…and now you are strangling me.

Let’s trade spots and look over there now.

Ok, just one more try?

Just for you, Mom. :)

Clearly, we never would have made it with a Polaroid.

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  1. Super cute pictures. I liked the “good” photo best, I think. Those candids or unplanned meltdown shots sometimes are the most fun.

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