Back-to-School (x3)!

(Disclosure:  Full Hands, Full Hearts is both a happy customer and an affiliate blogger with thredUP.  I share about them because I love their company.  I also receive a small commission for sales, though there is no increase in cost to the buyer.  Happy shopping!)
Listen.  Do you hear that?  The house is quiet.  The twin tornadoes are napping.  It’s one of my favorite times of the day.  
I’ll be honest.  Sometimes, I get absolutely nothing done during this time other than recouping from the morning (aka…passing out on the couch).  But, other times, I manage a bit of productivity and can cross an item or two off the never-ending “To Do” list.  
This afternoon, I did just that:
1.  Find some affordable back-to-school clothes for the twins.
Check.  Just scored the boys some great jeans and a few layering tops for back-to-school (while recouping on the couch).  Well, I guess in their case, it’s not so much back to school, as just “to school” for the first time.
And, the really awesome thing is that I recently found some back-to-school items for myself via thredUP as well.
Yes, that’s right, I am also going back to school this fall.  So, needless to say, with three tuition bills soon headed our way, we’re always looking for a way to save on essentials and happy to be able to do so with thredUP.
Are you preparing for back-to-school already or are you still in full summer mode?  How do you get your back-to-school shopping done with young kids?


  1. Gosh, I’m so glad I still don’t have to think about school shopping. Here in Costa Rica 99% of schools have uniforms, which can border on pretty expensive. Glad you’ve found a great way to save cash & find some great new threads for back to school.

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