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Writing with Lisa Jo Baker and the Five Minute Friday Prompt: Story.  Check it out.  You can do it.  Just write for five minutes, no edits/rewrites allowed.  Flex that writing muscle!  (For the record, this was my first time participating, and it is exactly what I need to get my own muscle in shape.) 



We all have a story.  Unique.  Some of our stories have common threads that connect us to each other, but each is its own.

My own story is something I’m just learning to tell.  I’ve started writing as a way to find it, to record it, but also because I have been so deeply moved by the stories of others.  I write because there are stories we need to hear.  Sometimes we need to set our own story aside so we can open our ears and our hearts to the story of another.

I recently had the opportunity to preach at my church.  It was a humbling and moving experience for me.  What an honor to be able to tell one of God’s stories, granted with my own history written upon it.  The point, I hope, was how we are called to hear the stories of our neighbors.  For, in doing so, the stories of our brothers and sisters might just become part of our own.




  1. Welcome to 5 Minute Friday. Wow, what an honor for you to be able to preach at church! I hope that you continue to participate in 5MF. Thank you for sharing!

  2. So happy to meet you through FMF! So awesome you got to share your story with your church. :) God is so awesome and diverse and all of our stories are ultimately apart of his! Love it.

  3. So awesome that you got to use an opportunity to preach at your church! Looking forward to meeting you again through FMF. Blessings!

  4. Amazing FMF. I really enjoy it here on your blog!

  5. Hi Holli! I am coming over from FMF.

    I think writing is a perfect way to start to reveal your life! It’s amazing what’s in there, isn’t it?
    Were you nervous to speak at your church? What an honor, you must be a very special member of your community!

    So lovely to meet you today!

    • Yes, it was truly an honor. I preached for our “Laity” Sunday this year. And, yes, I was nervous. But, I had a lot of help and guidance along the way, so by the time I stood in front of my congregation, I felt somehow at peace. Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely words.

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