Summer Sun, Set

Copy of IMG_9004

The sun is setting on this summer.

Copy of IMG_9029

This summer of three-wheel riding,

Copy of IMG_8984

and playground flying.

Copy of IMG_8970

Of mountain climbing,

Copy of IMG_9008

and tunnel crawling.


This summer of moon spotting,

Copy of Frog IV (2)

and toad watching.

Copy of Frog II

On this summer of discovery, the sun is setting.

Copy of IMG_8987

And soon we’ll rest our busy feet and still our eager hearts until it rises once again.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of your son’s head popping up in the tunnel and the gleeful look on his face.

  2. Beautiful post, Holli. I totally identify with the end of summer feeling. Counting the days to the official end of mine.

  3. What great pics! A your little one is so gorgeous! I hate to think about summer nearing the end.

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