A Mother’s Gratitude – A Letter to the Courageous Voices of the LGBT Community

{A guest post for the “Love Letters” series on Registered Runaway.}

Mom and Jake

Thank you.

If I could sum up my feelings towards you, the courageous voices of the LGBT community – you who are my brothers and my sisters in Christ – it would be with these two words.

Thank you.

There are other words I might choose that weigh equally on my heart:

You are precious.

You are loved.  

You are worthy.  

Your story matters.

But in this current stage of my life, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming gratitude for you.  For your voices.  For your stories.

You see, I am a mother.  I have two little boys.  Twins, actually.  And they are just two years old and only beginning to emerge as the unique individuals God created them to be.  Much of who they are remains to be uncovered in a story we are eager to read, but we see these glimpses, these miniature previews, each day {each moment} of two amazing souls.  Precious, loved, and worthy.

So, to be completely honest with you, my gratitude is selfish…{Read More}


{Please join me at Registered Runaway to read the rest of the letter, but more importantly to follow along and hear his voice.   For his story just may be the story of my child,  of your child.  It might just be your story.  It must be heard.}



  1. Morgan Guyton says:

    I feel the same way. My son performed at a church open mic this past Thursday and was moving his body in an effeminate way. He’s 7 years old. He likes to dance like a ballerina. I have no idea what that means. But I have wondered: will he be gay? Will he get teased, bullied, beaten? All I know is I’m not going to flip out and try to force him to act more masculine. I’m just going to try to help him discover his gifts and his identity however that unfolds. The goal is for fear and shame to be as minimally a part of it as possible. Right now he knows that God loves him. If he can never lose that knowledge, I’ll be a happy father.

  2. Bless you for this. You may incur ire for it, but there are so many who deeply appreciate it – gay and straight. Myself being one of many.

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