Seeing God through my Camera Lens

I take a lot of pictures.  I mean, a lot of pictures.  Ever since we bought one of those cameras that makes a regular mom look like a semi-capable photographer, I have probably taken somewhere in the thousands.   I easily unload 100+ a week from my smart card.

Sometimes I worry that I’m guilty of watching life happen through a lens rather than right in front of me.

But other times, I know that my kids, my babies, are growing up in a blur and I feel that if don’t snap those precious moments, they might just fade away.

So this summer, no surprise, I took some pictures.

And what I find when I share them, when I post them on Facebook, or when I place them carefully into a blog post as part of a story, is that I often discover a new appreciation for the moment.

I find I have the opportunity to relive an experience, again and again if I choose.  And I cherish it.

And, sometimes, I see God through my camera lens when otherwise I might have been too hurried to notice.

Earlier this month, during a bike ride at Nana’s, we spotted a toad, asleep, on an iris.  Awesome.  Especially awesome when you have two toddlers in tow.  We stopped and pointed out the sleeping frog nestled, as if my magic, on the petal of a beautiful late summer flower.

Talk about God’s handiwork.

Copy of Frog IV (2)

How did he get in there, Mommy?

How indeed.  Physics might suggest that the very flower the frog sat perched upon should bend under that slumbering creature.  That the petal should not be capable of providing the resistance necessary to counter the power of the creature’s hind legs upon it’s dismount.  That the flower should, at least, bow and morph to the weight of the intruder.

But there he sat, at rest, upon this flower, also, perfectly at peace.

I grabbed my camera while continuing our investigation.

Well, I don’t know sweetie.  I bet he climbed right up there. What do you think?

Copy of Frog II

I don’t know, Mommy.

For all my years, my experience, my science classes, my need to find answers, I don’t know.  I don’t know how that frog made it up that flower.   I don’t know why that delicate flower is able to carry that load.

Me, my children.  Equally in awe.

Sometimes God levels the playing field with nature.  Sometimes it just…is, and it’s beautiful.

I’m thankful for my camera and for the way in which, when hanging from my neck, it forces me to slow down and capture a moment.  

My prayer and my challenge is to stop…and see God in front of me with, or without, my lens.


{Photo story written and submitted to my church for a summer sermon, “Celebration of Summer – God is at Work Everywhere”}



  1. Oh, I love this! Great capture, great writing.

  2. what neat photography to capture such a unique moment!(my camera is always in house or car and by time I run and get it I’ve missed out)! u have a gift and two blessed miracles to share ur world with!

  3. Wonderful thoughts on treasuring God’s moments with the help of a camera lens. And beautifully written. Thanks!

  4. It took a month for Carbonite to load my photos onto the cloud, yeah, I get that. Seeing life through my camera lens helps me to get perspective when things are foggy. And blogging opens up a whole new world for that. I take photos of random things for blog posts that I would’ve missed before. Lovely photos and thoughts here.

  5. Beautiful perspective can be found through the camera lens. Thank you for capturing this truth so beautifully.

  6. Oh my word. The look on his face is priceless.

  7. I love this! And yes, you have not only seen God through your camera lens, you have also shared Him & the beauty of His creation with others. Thank you for that! I am visiting from the Friday Flash Blog.
    Have a great Friday!

  8. Holli, your photo of and story about the beautiful green frog you and your two toddlers saw on the red flower reminds me of the time our oldest daughter and I were walking on a path by a lake and saw four sparrows on a long plant stem. After we went around a corner I looked back and noticed the sparrows had turned around and were still watching us.


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