A Reflection of My Preschool Teacher on their First Day

She has a kind face.

That was my first impression when meeting my boys’ preschool teacher last week.

She has a kind face.

Of all the characteristics I might hope for in her, the first of many souls to guide my children along their way, kindness tops the list.  And she has a kindness in her eyes that suggests years of guiding little souls along the way.

That thought brought comfort this morning as I delivered my boys on their first day.


She has a kind face. 

And now as I sit here in a quiet coffee shop, after finally managing to actually leave the parking lot of their school, I find myself reminiscing about my own first teacher.

My beloved preschool teacher.

She had a kind face, too.

And eyes that smiled.  And a laugh (a giggle, really) that, when heard, called to mind the pure joy of a child in discovery.  It’s as if she held the echos of the laughter of all her children inside of her, and occasionally, it would escape in gleeful little bouts and tumbles.

What a gift to have such a start.  To enter a classroom for the first time to find love awaiting.  To find in a teacher the physical embodiment of kindness, joy, and patience.

She set so many little souls on a good path.  Her life’s calling was one of a grower of children, and she tended her garden with great care.  How fortunate to be one of the lucky ones to spend a time in her garden.  For she planted in me a seed that is still growing.

Kindness grows good seeds.

She is retired now – my preschool teacher.  But on this morning when my emotions are getting the best of me, I find myself giving thanks for her and all the mothers who found comfort in her kind face.

For I see myself as I watch my children walk through those big doors (in those little shoes), and I see her in their teacher, awaiting.

 Thank you, Mrs. B.  For I see you in her kind face.  And I am grateful.



  1. lovely post Holli. I remember the days of my children starting school and how important it was to have kind teachers. I wanted my children to be in the care of someone who truly cared about them.
    have a great week.


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