“Us” Care


A pastor of mine talks a lot about the importance of “self care.”

An awful story on the news and I listen, knowing I won’t sleep.

Turn it off, Holli.  Self care.

I’m at the end of my frazzled rope after a particularly wild morning of twin wrangling.

Open the window, read a little Anne Lamott at naptime, Holli.  Self care.

Anne Lamott

Haven’t had real meal (that didn’t include my chlidren’s leftovers) in two days.

Eat some broccoli, Holli.  Self care.

There is much to love about self care, and I find myself invoking its name more and more these days, and with less and less guilt about it.

But this weekend, this weekend was about “us” care.

Hike Path

It wasn’t really in the schedule.

It wasn’t really in the budget.

But looking at our present, our lives, and feeling that we were just getting from point A to point B some days, it was exactly what we needed.

Irish Hollow

As fall is beginning with its schedules and routines and its “I’m here and you’re there and I’ll have the kids and then you’ve got a meeting and then I’ll be doing my homework until the wee hours,” we made a decision.

Cottage II

To stop and be with one another.  Even for just this weekend.

Cottage I

Nine years of marriage, five years of infertility, and two-and-a-half years with children (the twin variety) can sometimes make things a little foggy.   Then you add in work, school, friendships, family, and all the “other” that surrounds a marriage, sometimes it is hard to see the person you married.

Scott Ring

But this weekend, in a cottage down in a hollow in God’s country, we saw one another.

Scoott Wheel

Holli Garden

We hiked.

IMG_9431Holli Hike

We biked.

Holli Bikes

Bikes I

We read a book.

Scott Reads

Nature’s serene symphony occasionally interrupted only by his laughter or an occasional, “Listen…this is so funny.”

Reading Porch

It’s good to hear his laughter.

And it is so much easier to hear and see each other out here, removed from all the “stuff,” returned to the earth.

The smell of the cedar firewood.  

The taste of the breakfast on the farm.  

The touch of a hand, not held away by the demands of parenthood, but available.

With the “stuff” of the everyday stripped away, God sneaks in and stirs your soul with such ease.

Angel Garden

That still, small voice is always louder without all those competing for attention.

View I

All weekend, the Innkeeper had talked about the need for rain.  The gardens and grasses needing replenishment.  Needing nourishment.

And then it came.

Rain II

Sunday morning, after two days of seeing one another again, we awoke to the gentle sounds of this very, needed rain.

As if permission.

Rain I

Go home now, replenished.  Restored.





  1. This is AWESOME, LOVE all the pics and love the term “us-care”…so needed :) My husband and I are actually headed out tonight, I found a babysitter for our 3 and I’m not quite sure what we’ll do, but as long as it is together, it will be good :)

    Stopping by from the Mommy Brain Mixer, Dawn from http://www.ithinkwecouldbefriends.com

  2. Thank you for this reminder :) It has been a tough few days for me as I negotiate some painful realities within my own personality that have contributed to a distance between hubby and me. I think it’s often the simple (profoundly simple!) things like “Spending Time Together” and “Having A Conversation” that make a world of difference. Revelation! Haha!

    PS I found your blog via RHE’s Sunday Superlatives – I’ve just started blogging about 6 weeks ago so am always checking out what other people are doing now, great inspiration. Thanks!


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