Train Spotting – A Young Adult Devotional

When my husband and I were house hunting for our current home, we found and fell in love with a nice 3 bedroom with an open floor plan.  I could picture my future children playing in the sunroom while I prepared lunch on the kitchen island.  I envisioned family dinners in the dining room.  And we were overjoyed at the thought of each having our own sink in the bathroom.  We loved everything about this two-story house, except for one small detail – the train tracks.


While it is true that you will never find the perfect house that meets all your criteria, this one did except for the fact that the train tracks were perhaps just a little too close.  How often would the train come by each day?  Would it keep us up at night?  What if we ever wanted to move?  Would a future buyer be deterred the way we were?  We did a little research and asked a few neighbors about the tracks, and they assured us it was no big deal and that we’d get used to it.

So, after much thought and careful consideration, we made an offer and it was accepted.  And soon our dream house became our home.

And the train?  {Read more here.}


Please join me over at Young People’s Ministries for the rest of this reflection on worry, unexpected blessings, and how things are transformed.  Thanks!


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