Snow Play

A few years ago, I got it in my head that I needed a “real” camera.  Something to better capture the love {aka…my kids} on the other side of the lens.  I did a little research, asked a few friends whose pictures always seemed to highlight the emotion and joy in their kids’ faces, and then bought my Canon DSLR.


While the thing takes amazing pictures on “Auto,” I quickly realized that I wanted to learn a bit beyond the basics.  Along came a groupon for a Sweet Shotsclass with a local, amazing photographer, and I was set.  It was a fantastic class where I learned how much I didn’t know, but in an approachable way that gave me the confidence to {sometimes} switch off the “Auto” mode.  (Honesty check, I still often shoot in “Auto,” but I also now love to try AV, play…on purpose…with the focus, blur, and lighting, and sometimes get my best shots using some of the tips and tricks I learned.)

And then last week, the whole family bundled up and went outside for a snow shoot we WON with that same amazing photographer!  It was such a fun experience.  Those pictures are coming soon…we are beyond excited!

(You can see a sneak peak here at Amy Tripple Photography.  That adorable little boy with the beautiful brown eyes and the shy smile…yup, that’s my snuggle bug.  You might also recognize the strangely coordinated and not-in-yoga-pants-for-a-change mom holding my other sweet bug.  Love.   My husband was looking pretty cozy, too, but those are still coming soon.  I cannot wait to see the others.)

Meanwhile, our professional outing inspired me to pick up my own camera and play a bit back at home.


The original plan was to build a snowman, but we quickly discovered it wasn’t good packing snow.


But, it was still perfect for tossing,






um, tasting,


and otherwise just being a three-year-old exploring this white and wet and wonderful stuff.

Can’t wait to share our professional shots soon!



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