Easy Winter Bucket List Ideas

Winter Bucket List I

I don’t know about you, but typically once Christmas and New Year’s pass, I’m ready for summer.  Unfortunately, here in the Midwest, the ringing in of the New Year is really only the start of our winter.  In the words of Frost, it feels like there are miles to go before we sleep, or at least before we feel the warmth of the sun.


Alas, I digress.  We need to make it through the cold and the dark and the slush and static one way or another.  I find that nothing helps pass those long, frigid days like a Winter Bucket List full of great activities to keep the family from going stir crazy.  Here are a few of our favorites.

15 Easy Winter Bucket List Ideas

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1.  Create a Winter Sensory Bin 

2.  Make (and eat) some Snow Ice Cream


3.  Make a Felt Snowman or Felt Tree

4.  Build a Snowman and then warm up inside with Hot Cocoa

5.  Assemble some Busy Bags

Busy Bag Main

6.  Play “Snowball” Baseball with Tee-Ball Set

7.  Try a new Comfort Soup Recipe

8.  Create a Snowflake Craft

9.  Complete an Indoor Home Improvement (or OrganizationProject

10. Take an evening Christmas Light Viewing Drive (Check out this great Scavenger Hunt Printable)

Scavenger Hunt Main

11.  Go Sledding

12.  Have a PJ day at home and Watch Movies

13.  Make a snow fort or Igloo(or keep the fort inside)

14.  Try to create some Frozen Bubbles

15.  Bring the camera outside and take some Snow Pictures

Scott Snow

 {Note:  My boys are 3 and still lack the wind power necessary to create this effect.  Isn’t Dad a good sport, though?}

What’s on your Winter Bucket List this year?

Winter Bucket 2

 Stay warm, and Happy Winter!



  1. I don’t use the term bucket list, but we have a number of things we’re planning on doing this winter. The boys know that we have an annual trip to an indoor waterpark, so part of my list is keeping the exact date/weekend a surprise so they get the added joy of a surprise trip.

    • I love the “Surprise Trip” idea. Especially when they are too little to get the whole “two more weeks” concept.

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