Winter Wonder

Boys, Snow

Two boys, a hill, and two sleds.


A first.


A new fear conquered.


A new joy discovered.

The sunlight, the snow, the setting.  All perfect.  Begging for this eager mom to hone her skill.  But the camera could not capture the best moments.  Only a near best moment.  A window.  An invitation to remember.

The anticipation.


The wonder.


The memory.



  1. Auntie C. says:

    Scott & Holli (and Jake & Charlie), Thank you for allowing me to share this first, this moment with you. Love, Auntie C.

  2. Such beautiful pictures, Holli!

  3. Nicolette Springer says:

    Great pics and your boys are the cutest! So glad you were able to capture these for them and you :) We live in Florida so no sledding for us. My girls would be jealous. Thanks for joining the mixer this week!

    • Oh, Florida…how we long for some Florida sun up here. We have had one long, cold winter. This sledding outing was a rare day when it was actually warm enough to bundle up and get outside. Thanks for hosting!

  4. They look so cute all bundled up! And with their rosy cheeks!

  5. Sweet, sweet. Soon, so soon, heading outdoors will be as simple as slipping on a pair of flipflops! I bet you can’t wait!

  6. You are one gifted photographer, Holli! I’ve not visited here before but so glad to start my week with these precious and truly “rich” photos and “moments.” You’ve captured that bit of “wonder” for all of us to enjoy and feel.

  7. Nannette Elkins says:

    Can hardly stand the cuteness!! Makes me wish My Three Sons were back at that precious, but oh, so fleeting, age! Enjoy your darlings while you can! ♥

  8. Nancy Sturm says:

    What precious pictures of your sweet little boys!


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