Grammys Bring Church to the Wedding

photo credit: Shootingsnow via photopin cc

photo credit: Shootingsnow via photopin cc

In many, if not most, churches across America today, the doors are likely to be closed on the topic of gay weddings.  The message? Not here.  Not in this place.  The law may allow you, but we will not bless you.

Straight’s only.

But, in Los Angeles, last Sunday evening, in an arena holding Hollywood’s finest, the doors were open.   The message?  Something new. Yes, here.  In this place.

All are welcome.

Maybe you saw it live, maybe you’ve heard about it, or maybe you’ve even written about it, but one way or another, you are probably aware of the mass wedding that took place near the end of the Grammys this past Sunday.  Though difficult to count in the relatively short camera time allotted to the actual brides and grooms, sources including the New York Times say that there were over thirty couples – “gay, straight, old, young, of many races and many colors” – exchanging vows while Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, and Madonna performed a medley of “Same Love” and “Open your Heart.”

Hollywood.  Secular America.  Gay (and straight) weddings.  Surely, God was not in this place.


Okay, but wait.

That stage.  The not-so-subtle imagery of sanctuary.  The opening of the doors, majestic and center stage.  The prophetic message of this celebration of “love and harmony in every key and every color.”  The choir in their robes raising their collective voice, making a joyful noise.  Could it be that we were to consider the preposterous idea that God was in this place?

Blasphemy!  (There, I said it, so you don’t have to.)

Now you know where I’m headed here.  Blasphemy? I don’t think so.   Bold, prophetic?  Perhaps.

Was it the intent of the Grammy producers to suggest that God might be present at these unions? I don’t know.  Was the inclusion of this mass wedding about the ratings, the shock factor, the Hollywood creative-types trying to make their memorable mark?  Sure, maybe to some degree.

But consider this for a minute.  Roughly 50 years ago, the “of many races and colors” would not have been included, and 1 year ago (and still today in many states), it would have been only “straight” couples that would have been allowed to choose to commit to one another in this perhaps unorthodox, yet exhilarating and memorable way.  (Vegas, you’ve officially been one-upped.)  

But, this week, in front of God and Macklemore and woman and man, a hip-hop artist sang to a same-race, opposite-gender couple and a mixed-race couple and a gay couple as they exchanged rings.  And the congregation of the people rose to their feet and cheered.  Many shedding tears.  Good and happy tears.

That happened.  

And whether or not that is the way you would have wanted to celebrate your wedding (maybe you are more the quiet country church type) and whatever you think about the motive or the how or the who should have, these couples were married and blessed on a grand stage.  Perhaps the grandest.

Because love all the glitz and glamour or leave it, the Grammy’s brought the church to the wedding at a time when most of those quiet country churches would only let in a select few of those couples of “every key and every color.”  

The Grammys brought the Church to the Wedding.   

{It’s always been invited.}

One day. One day the invitation will be accepted.  The doors will be opened.  The old signs will come down and all will proclaim a new message.

All are Welcome.

Until then, God will find a way.  

And, I must say, style points for this one.



  1. the beggar says:

    Maybe God was there – He gets around. But certainly Satan was there.

    I can’t believe this silly blog post.- the whole world is wondering if the Grammy sponsors are actually Satanists or just indulging in the typical up yours shock value$ and, ostensibly Christian, celebrate the travesty.

  2. What is so bad about two people who love each other, regardless of color, age, or sexual orientation? This world needs more love, there are certainly enough haters.

  3. Holli, thank you for speaking your piece and tackling the controversial issues in such an open manner.

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