#AmericaIsBeautiful – Yes. It Is.

Have you ever wondered what our prayers sound like?  Collectively, I mean.  Our voices to God’s ear?  Many languages, one longing.  While this commercial may not necessarily be a prayer, there is something soul stirring about this simple portrait of diversity.  And, it is for many reasons, perhaps my absolute favorite.  As in, ever.

Many languages, one longing.   America Is Beautiful.

(And I’m a Pepsi drinker.)

If you have a minute, or if you want to spread a little sunshine in the face of some of the darkness (yes, I’m very aware of all the backlash/controversy over this commercial), then I think it’s worth watching and even sharing the “Behind the Scenes” videos.

Have you ever wondered what America the Beautiful sounds like in Hindi?  In Mandarin?  In Spanish?

(Try watching that one without tearing up or wanting to write her in for our next presidential candidate…okay, in like 30 years.)

I may have watched one of them, or all of them.  A few times.  My children may have watched and listened over my shoulder and asked me to play it again.  And again.

And I’m sure I’ll play them again. And again.



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