Pocket Blessings

Irish Prayer

Two weeks ago today, my grandfather on my father’s side of the family passed away peacefully at his home, my grandmother by his side. One week ago today, we visited with family and friends and celebrated his life on the eve of his funeral.  And today, on St. Patrick’s Day, my grandfather the true Irishman that he was, would have celebrated his 85th birthday.

An Irish man, proud of his Irish heritage, born on St. Patrick’s Day.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason he always carried his beloved Irish Prayer Cards in his pocket.  Weddings, graduations, and birthdays without fail, at every family celebration, there you’d find my grandfather handing out his blessings.  At the funeral, my husband sifted through his wallet to pull one, worn and soft, from its permanent resting place in his pocket.  We figured it had probably been there since our wedding day almost 10 years ago.

And no surprise, at his funeral last week, there were the cards.  As we signed the guest book, we were given a card.  A few family members passed them around, serving as surrogates, being his hands and feet.  From his pocket to ours.  And now, {virtually} to yours.

An Irish Prayer

May God grand you always

A sunbeam to warm you, 

A moonbeam to charm you,

A sheltering angel 

so nothing can harm you,

Laughter to cheer you,

Faithful friends near you,

And whenever you pray, 

Heaven to hear you.

Tonight, I’m going out with my family for some proper Irish grub.  I’m not a beer drinker, but today I think I’ll make an exception. With his blessing in my pocket and his drink in my hand, I’ll lovingly raise my glass to my Grandfather.




  1. JViola79 says:

    Beautiful thoughts on your grandfather. You were blessed to have him so long! May God bring you comfort as you remember him today!

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