Spring is here.  Well, technically.  According to the calendar, Spring arrived last week.  According to the way it feels, well, we’re still trying to figure out how to gently (or not so gently) let winter know it’s overstayed its welcome.  And then some.

We did catch a glimpse last week.  It wasn’t quite that intoxicating first-day-of-spring, abandon your to-do list and go-to-the-park kind of day, but it was warm(er).  And, for my three-year-olds, that meant this:




It was still a bit chilly.  {I mean, as if you couldn’t tell from the shivers in the picture.}  And the costume change was completely of their own doing.  And I nearly had to chase them out the door once I realized their plan.  And I only let them stay out for just a minute.

But they remember.

The sun.

The water.

The warmth.

As eager as our little window sprouts, these two.



And who can blame them?

My skin, too, itches to feel the outside air no longer bitter cold, but once again life giving and warm.  My husband dreams of manning the grill – talking almost daily of summer menus as if he can already smell and hear the sizzle.  The bikes wait in the garage calling to us…soon, soon.   The yard beckons, with its grasses finally freed from the oppressive snow, the blades slowly remembering how to stand, finding their freedom once again.  And we are antsy, eager, ready to get our hands dirty in the finally unfrozen ground.

If only we might remember this feeling, this eagerness in our hearts, for all our days…or at least, perhaps, until August.

Happy Spring.



  1. This has been the winter that won’t go away, yes? I love that your little ones are showing us the way though, hope that spring is indeed coming! Well, is here. :) Now bring on the warmth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, my, Holli, they are adorable! Discipline must be a challenge with these two! Too cute! Have a blessed week!

  3. Jennifer @ grimmricksen says:

    Looks very similar to my view on Monday — it was 50-55 degrees but my three year old was in the backyard playing in the water in a state of pure joy!

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