Nadia Bolz-Weber, Soul Balm and My First Syndicated Post for BlogHer

What a day.  What a week.  Just returned from an all-day Spring Conference at Chicago Theological Seminary.  My brain is in that place where there are all kinds of crazy fireworks going off in every direction.  So much good, challenging stuff.  But I’m by no means ready to process yet.

Just, this was pretty awesome…


Pardon the grainy picture.  I’m still learning how to use my smartphone, and this was the best one I could get while playing it “cool” and not totally geeking out and taking 100 pictures of Nadia Bolz-Weber.  Can I just say that there is a whole lot of holy in that woman?  Yes.  There is a whole lot of holy in that woman.  Thank God for her.

Also, this.


Today was like a good dose of healing balm for my soul.  Seminary + Faith Identity Crisis Week (the World Vision debacle has done a number on me) = Everything is Confusing/Crazy/Exhilarating/Exhausting/Frustrating/Healing/Soul Crushing and otherwise a whirlwind.

But, God is in the Whirlwind.

And speaking of the whirlwind, a post I wrote about just that – about wrestling with my faith and my frustrations with the hijacking of Christianity – is syndicated over on BlogHer.  This is my first syndicated piece.  And I’m beyond excited (and would be beyond grateful if you’d head on over and check it out). But I’m also nervous and wrestling with some guilt over being excited about a piece that deals with such a painful week for so many, myself included.  But I’m also feeling like certain things need to be spoken. Passions and all.  Maybe no one will read it.  Maybe lots of folks will read it.  Maybe I’ll hear an earful about how unChristian I am.  Yup.  There’s truth in that.  Maybe we’ll all play with puppies and dance with Jesus under a rainbow-colored sky singing Kum ba ya all the while.   {Or…well, maybe come on over and add to the discussion?  Click here to read “After World Vision: Why I Hesitate to Call Myself a Christian“}

God is in the Whirlwind.

Thanks, friends.



  1. It sounds like you were given a good booster at your conference, Holli. I love coming home from weekends like that–tired but full. Do you know I’ve never heard of Nadia? I will have to check her out on your recommendation. Thanks!

  2. Lisha Epperson says:

    I’ve stayed away from the drama of World Vision. But I. Ready to process now so I’ll swing by and read your words. I’m new to Nadia but what a gift…enjoying her vision/ ministry.

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