Five Minute Friday – Writer

{Joining a group of writers today for “5 Minute Friday,” a weekly free-writing exercise with a given prompt.  This week’s prompt:  Writer.}



Am I one?  On my business card, which I labored over and went back and forth and back in deciding how to self-identify, I call myself a blogger and a writer.  What is the difference?  I am comfortable with the first label.  I strive for the second.  What is it that earns one the title?  Is it syndication?  Is it a monthly column?  A book?  Is it being able to make a living from your work?  Some compensation for the hours and hours when your hands dance upon the keys?  Some reward for capturing the swirling thoughts and ideas in your head?  Some appreciation for seeing the world through your unique lens which is always focused?

Is it hearing “yes” more than “no” when you take a deep breath and offer your words?

Or is it something altogether different.  A title that is not assigned so much as born.  Not given so much as claimed.


It’s a label in my heart.  {And on my business card.}  One day, maybe I will claim it out loud too.

Five Minute Friday


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker today and wishing her all the best with the release of her first book, Surprised By Motherhood.



  1. Jamie Gunn says:

    I LOVE this! I have not had the courage to print the business cards I designed with the title writer on it – why? Excited to join for the first time in #fmf Keep writing. And claim the label!

    • I know…I hesitated and hesitated on my business cards. But then I had to push the “order” button for an upcoming conference…The Festival of Faith and Writing. So, I finally figured since it was in the actual name of the conference…I could claim it, too. :)

  2. Such a good and timely prompt word for us all today as I know so many of us struggle with labeling ourselves with that “W” word. Thank you for sharing your bravery today.

  3. Holly, I completely understand how you feel. Claiming the title “Writer” creates tension and anxiety. When I tell people I am a writer, the blank stares I get in return, trying to explain what being a “Writer” means is always a challenge. But as you say, it is something written on our hearts long before it ever makes it onto a business card. I enjoyed reading your post. Keep writing because you are a writer.

  4. Thank you. And enjoy the shoes. 😉

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