My Summer Reading List and “Carry On, Warrior” Giveaway

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{See bottom of post for easy giveaway instructions.}

Ahhh…summer.  Even though there is still a bit of snow here in Chicagoland and the air is still wicked cold and my legs are still pastey white, a girl can dream, right?  And oh, sister, I am.  After getting though the next month which entails the taking of finals and the putting on of church resales and the co-preaching of sermons on Mother’s Day (insert nervous jittery face here), I am so longing for a day of indulging.

In these…

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Note:  I totally made my bed for this picture.  I mean, never mind, it always looks like that.

Some of these will be a first read.  Others a re-read (see my signed copy of Bird by Bird there).  Many of these came from my shopping spree at the Festival of Faith and Writing.  Others are on my good reads “WANT TO READ ALREADY!!!!” list.

And that one there on the top, well that one is from Momastery’s own Glennon Melton for YOU!  Yes, you!* Last week I had the amazing opportunity to share my Messy Beautiful story of infertility for her Messy, Beautiful Warriors Project as part of the launching of Carry On, Warrior in paperback. And this week…I have the awesome opportunity to give a copy of Carry On, Warrior away!

{Also, how do we go about getting Glennon to the next Festival of Faith and Writing?  And, Nadia there on the bottom.  Both have my vote for key note speakers next time.  I mean, right???  I am so wanting to meet my personal cheerleader in person already as she’s the only author in that pile I haven’t met yet.  Is that crazy?  Yes. That is crazy and I’m still pinching myself over getting to meet such amazing writers, thinkers, and leaders.}

So we’re giving away Carry On, Warrior on the top of the pile there.  But don’t worry, I have my own copy. And it will be at my side this summer as I savor it page by page.

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One for me…and one for you.  Let’s read it together?  I am pretty sure I’ve read about 99.9% of Glennon’s blog posts, and some of them twice, and I cannot wait to get started but I am forcing myself to get through these first so that I can survive my History of Christian Thought final in a few weeks.

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{Insert panic face here.}

Pssst…I may be sneak reading a chapter or two.  But please don’t tell my professor or the early church fathers and mothers.  I mean, a girl needs a little comic relief and motivation while studying the entire history of Christian thought…especially if it involves a hot bath and candles and a delicious chapter of Carry On, Warrior.  I mean, self care, right?  Okay, but you didn’t hear that from me.

So, if you too are itching to get your read on with Carry On, Warrior, just leave me a comment here on this post (maybe tell me which books you can’t wait to get your hands on this summer) or here on this Facebook post, and I’ll choose a random winner on Tuesday, April 22nd in the morning.*

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Good luck, and Happy Reading!

Carry On Warrior Main

One more time with the Giveaway Instructions:  

1.  Leave a comment on this blog post.  Maybe let us know what book(s) you can’t wait to read this summer.


2.  Leave a comment on this Facebook post.  Not on the wall or page, but on this actual post so we can keep them in one place.  Thanks, friends!

Winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday, April 22nd via

***Congratulations, Sarah!  You are the winner.  I’ll be in touch to arrange delivery of the book!***

*Must be from the continental US.  Winner will be drawn at random (via and will be asked to provide shipping information via e-mail.  Winner’s first name will be announced on this post and on Facebook and twitter.



  1. This was such an exciting post to read. Not only because I love to read, not only because it is a giveaway but because it also reminds me – – summer is on its way!!! On my list, so far is Restless by Jennie Allen and Faith Unraveled. Thanks for the opportunity to win this one, which I had not heard of but looks wonderful! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. B.Brittain-Marshall says:

    Happy Easter Holly. I am an Anne Lamont fan but it has been awhile since I read any of her work; especially her latest books. Makes me think about getting it. Visiting via “FridayFlashBlog” linkup

  3. Sarah @girlfriendshoes says:

    Oh I’d love to read that. My latest read was The Sociopath Next Door, sounds a bit odd maybe but it was really interesting! Can’t wait for summer reading, it’s the best, isn’t it. :)

    P.S. I’m not from the States but I do have a shipping address there (I live on a border town) Just sayin’…in case I win hehe.

  4. Oh, I need to make a reading list for the summer. I have Mere Christianity on my pile, as well as a gift from a friend “Bad Kitty Meets the Baby”

  5. I love learning about new books! I’m waiting for Micha Boyott’s book Found right now. Excited about that one! But these all look great too! Thanks for sharing.


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