A Guest Post for Grace for Moms – On Grief and Gratitude

Garbage Truck

This time, he didn’t bring home flowers.  But in his defense, I took the phone call.  And I already knew.

This baby was not meant to be.

The first time around, when we conceived our twins, we didn’t “cheat” and take a home test. We faithfully waited until the second of two blood tests and the phone call so that the nurse could tell us the news we’d waited years to hear.

You are pregnant.  

Except in our case, it was my husband who took the call and the words he heard were, “She’s pregnant.”

I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t take the call.  My heart was too fragile.  He was stronger.

And so, keeping the news to himself all afternoon {he got the call at lunch}, he stopped by the flower shop on the way home from work…{Continue Reading}

Please join me for the rest of our story over at Grace for Moms this week as National Infertility Week highlights the highs and the lows of infertility.  Thanks friends! 



  1. Found your post today from Imperfect prose :) Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing this part of your story- it will encourage so many mamas!!

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